Life can have a few backstrokes

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Now that I am in the Philippines, I am living a good life, have no worries about food and clothing, and have saved a lot of money. My relatives and friends in China often ask me why I went abroad. It is straightforward. Questions like these.
How to live without money?
What about someone who has no money to take care of?
Who will pay for you when you have no money and face life problems?
How would you end up living without money?
Do I have social viability?
Obviously, I have no education and no skills to survive. It is because of this that I cannot live a better future. Since there is no way out, why not sink the boat? Can Life have a few backstrokes?

Although the Philippines is a developing country, opportunities also exist in these developing countries. Once a country’s development is complete, it is difficult to find opportunities. For example, my country or Europe, and the United States all think that it is easy to survive, but It’s hard to make money and make big money. So my country of choice is the Philippines. I searched for a labor service company on the Internet and asked friends with relevant experience in the WeChat group. Finally, I found a company that is CG (Colorful Group). After many searches, I found that the working environment of this company is ideal.
Since I have never been abroad, I am also worried and confused. I am worried that I will not be able to deal with problems when I go abroad. However, among my worries, the interview notice has been sent, and since I have been admitted. There is no need to think too much, and there is nothing to lose by looking at it.

I booked a flight ticket online, and with only a few carry-on clothes, I embarked on an exotic trip.

As soon as I walked out of the waiting hall, I saw a short man holding a sign with my name on it and picking me up. The one who picked me up was an employee of the company.
The company is a 15-story building. It looks very splendid and stylish. The entrance hall is spacious and clean, and the front desk staff is also very beautiful, two beautiful women. The manager personally received me very enthusiastically and let my colleagues show me around the company.

As the saying goes, a child travels a thousand miles, and a mother is worried. Before going abroad, my parents always worried that I was not used to the local dishes in the Philippines, but after walking around the cafeteria, I realized that the dishes here are complete. There are all kinds of meat and seafood, and there are more than ten kinds of drinks.

There are also many team-building activities. Through such activities, our employees cheer each other on and enhance their working ability through this model. In the team-building activities, there are also various small prizes for participating in such activities. The event was still fun.

Working here is also on weekends. There are many places to play in the Philippines, such as natural beaches and nightclubs, etc. As long as you like to play and have money in your hand, you don’t bring the same thing every day.

Looking back on the choices I made at that time, I am very fortunate to go abroad. This step was the right one. Joining the CG Group also opened up a new life for me. Here I had the opportunity, and in a good working environment, I gained greater confidence, and it was this opportunity and confidence that changed the trajectory of my life.
It’s not terrible to fail once, but the terrible thing is that you don’t have the will to fight. If you bring your parents to look forward to fighting against the backwater, you will definitely be able to succeed.
There is nothing wrong with losing a lover once; as long as you have the courage, you can start all over again, prepare for battle with your feet on the ground, believe in yourself, and believe in the future.
Anyone will encounter difficulties in his life, but don’t be knocked down by difficulties. As long as you have confidence, difficulties will be temporary. The eagle strikes the sky, and the wind is strong. Keep the clouds open and see the sun.

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