life is a landscape

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Time flies, and before I know it, I have come to work in the Philippines for more than three years. Thinking back to 2019, I am still in the double despair of business failure and emotional frustration. At that time, I lost nearly 1 million in my business, and after taking all my property to repay the debt, I still had more than 500,000 debts that I could not repay. As the saying goes, husbands and wives are birds of the same forest, and when disaster strikes, they fly separately. When my girlfriend, who has been in love with me for many years, sees me in a deep predicament, she leaves me mercilessly. After that, I stayed at home alone for a few days, and during that time, I almost lost my confidence in life. Later, one morning, I looked at myself in the mirror and asked myself, I am only 28; will I continue to be so decadent in the future? Is it worthy of the self who worked so hard in the past to give up on this? The answer is obvious. In this way, I readjusted my mentality and embarked on the journey of struggle in life again. But unlike before, this time, my destination is not the country but the Philippines.

Introduced by a friend, I submitted my resume to CG Group. After many days of anxiety, I received the offer as I wished, and then I couldn’t wait to buy a flight ticket to the Philippines online; and went to the Public Security Bureau and the embassy to apply for a passport and visa. I had a wonderful time in the days leading up to departure, like seeing a ray of dawn in the dark night. On the day of departure, I felt a little anxious in my heart. I think it was probably because this offer ignited my longing for the future, and I couldn’t wait to have it all. My drowsiness surged right after the plane took off, and when I woke up, the plane had already started to land. After I got out of the airport, I got on the shuttle bus between the airport and the city.

On the way, my eyes were attracted by the exotic scenery outside the window, colorful jeeps, coconut trees everywhere, architectural styles that collide between classical and modern, as well as the clear blue sky and white clouds and the birds flying from time to time. A feeling of exhilaration. But at the same time, I also felt a little dazed because I wasn’t sure if I could settle down in this beautiful and livable city. But the subsequent experience quickly dispelled this doubt.

After I came to the company, the staff warmly received me and gave me a brief introduction to the company. Then I was assigned a dormitory. The dormitory I was assigned was a two-bedroom, one-hall layout with a kitchen, separate toilet, sofa, TV, computer, bathroom facilities, double bed, washing machine, refrigerator, and other furniture. Everything is available.

After putting down my luggage, my colleagues insisted on taking me to the restaurant for dinner, considering that I was exhausted. As soon as we arrived at the door of the restaurant, the smell of delicious food hit our nostrils. The food here is very rich, and the price is very low. There are many kinds of food and drinks such as rice noodles, fruit salad, beef, seafood, meat rolls, drinks, etc. I remember that I had a very strong meal.

The company’s office area is located in an office building. When you go out, you will be in a shopping mall complex. There are a variety of entertainment venues such as fitness gyms, playgrounds, and swimming pools. It can be said that it is a good place to sneak in after work.

The decoration style of the office area is similar to that of an Internet company. Everyone has a separate computer and desk, the room is also spacious, and there are several meeting rooms with multimedia and screens for everyone to use for meetings and events.

What I value most here is a corporate culture where rewards and punishments are clear, and competence is paramount. I remember that in the early days of my employment, I made a mistake in a document. I thought I would be scolded, but unexpectedly, the leader called me to the office to point out the problem. After guiding me, he said some encouraging words. These words are not flashy, but they made me deeply appreciate the inclusiveness of the company, and at the same time, it is also very motivating. Colleagues are also very warm-hearted and often help me solve difficulties in my work. In short, this place is not like the cold workplace in the impression, but more like a big family that unites and helps each other. With the help of my colleagues, my ability has been continuously improved, and my work has gradually become better. I have been promoted to three levels, and my salary has also been increased from the original 60,000 pesos to 200,000 pesos. I remember that there was a month of outstanding performance; only one commission I took 120,000 pesos. The high salary has accelerated my debt repayment. At the beginning of this year, I successfully paid off the debt and saved some of my savings.

Outside of work, my colleagues and I often play in groups. The entertainment here is very rich; there is hearty surfing at sea, there are also sandy beaches with the sea breeze and exciting live ammunition shooting. Sometimes, in order to release the pressure, I will join my friends on a racing trip where speed and passion coexist.

    The work mode that combines work and rest and the warm company atmosphere makes me deeply like it here. In the future, I will use my own efforts and hard work to make my own career in CG and make my second half of life wonderful!

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