You just need a piece of new soil

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Facing the impermanence of life, I was terrified and frightened, and it was often difficult to fall asleep late at night. In my sleep, I often think about life; as Teacher Luo Xiang often said: we are on the stage that we did not choose, and the performance is not the script we choose. Your origin, family conditions, people you have passed by, hardships you have experienced, etc., perform your own script well, but within a given time period. After experiencing most of the sad and happy events in my life, I always feel the misfortune of people in the tragedy and feel that I am a member of the general public after all and that my small life is the most real.

Years are like water; time flies, looking back at the prime minister, I have been working in the CG group for several years, and I have begun to take root here. In the past, I was hesitant to move forward, but the openness and inclusiveness of CG Group made my life full of stories and ups and downs, and I finally planted a good soil for self-realization. My story must start from a series of experiences I have had in China.

At that time, I had just graduated from university and entered a well-known foreign company in China. During this period, I ran our business with my college classmates (my best buddies), and when the business started to pick up a little, he quit his long-term job and started to lead our entrepreneurial projects.

The peaceful life suddenly came to an abrupt end. We have experienced many failures. However, I did not know that my most trusted partner took out my identity and took out a huge loan, and ran away at the end of the startup. When I found him later, he was in jail for loan sharking. But at that time, my accumulated property was wiped out overnight, and I was in debt! This accident has made me bear huge debt pressure, and it is precise because of this debt pressure that I regret it! At that time, I was unable to solve all these problems, and I regret it! I can’t give the people I live a better life. The hatred that slowly accumulated became the driving force behind my decision to go abroad.

Finally, the day after I worked hard day and night to pay off the loan, I was relieved. But I decided to leave the city that made me sad, maybe more of an escape, the farther away, the better, so I thought of going abroad.

I’m used to bad luck; maybe it’s because God can’t stand it anymore and wants to give me some good luck. What a chance, I got the opportunity to join the CG group to work. When I first joined the company, the comfortable environment of the group made me feel the dedication of the group to its employees, such as feeling like a spring breeze! I feel that I used to be like a blind man who was struggling. When I met CG, I met the light! How lucky to be able to regain the light again!

Warm and clean CG hall

(left of conference room; right of a dinner party)

The warmth shown by CG Group is only the tip of the iceberg. What’s more, the solidarity and mutual assistance shown by my colleagues in the company when I first joined the company made me feel like I had never felt before – the feeling of home. In the course of working for CG Group for many years, I have constantly been reborn. I actively participate in various studies, and through continuous self-enrichment, I continuously improve my work and business ability; I treat the group work with enthusiasm and sincerity and treat every work process with a heart

                                              (performance bonus)

I see CG Group as my love, the right person. Meeting the right person may require constant trek. After the years settle down, it is real life, and the meaning of life is found in it, just like when I met CG.

Shi Yan drifted past, looking back at today. Although the process of meeting CG is difficult, it is a journey that makes meeting CG so precious. Only when I integrate into CG can I really feel the humanized configuration and ubiquitous care. CG is a big family full of emotions.

Life is meaningless unless there is work. Work may be boring, but it fills the blanks in our lives. All life is blank unless there is desire; all desire is blind unless there is love; the work of love is the embodiment of life! Just as I was rooted in the soil of CG Group, life has a new beginning.

Life needs a new beginning.

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