A good man is in all directions

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 Life under the epidemic is becoming more and more difficult for migrant workers like us. Before, my parents asked me to go home to find a factory. Now the prospects are not good. The boss also politely laid off a group of employees. Unfortunately, The thing is, I’m one of the people who got laid off, ala

   After the laid-off factory workers lost their jobs, I chatted with a few old friends and talked about finding a job. I felt that staying in my hometown really had no future, and I couldn’t earn a little money. A few friends heard this and thought it was the same. After chatting and chatting, he recommended me to work in a company in the Philippines, saying that there were acquaintances there, and I was a little moved after thinking about it. After I got home, I discussed it with my parents. My parents also realized that things are not very prosperous in all aspects. It is difficult to find suitable things at home. It’s just that I suddenly went to work in another place, and the second old man felt a little reluctant. I listened. After I finished, I really didn’t feel good. I thought about it for a while. A good man is determined to be in all directions. When I break out into the world, my parents will definitely be proud of me.

Later, it was time to pack up and book a ticket to set off for the Philippines. On the day of departure, my parents took me to the airport. I got out of the car, took my luggage, and said goodbye to my parents. My father patted me on the shoulder: “My son is old, it’s time to go out and try it out.” I wiped away the tears, turned my back, and hugged my mother so that they didn’t have to worry; I could take care of myself.

    I entered the terminal, went to the service area to register information, got my ticket, and didn’t bring much luggage with me. Looking at the rush of people in the terminal, even if the current epidemic situation is not optimistic, how many people are there? Running around for life, I secretly made up my mind that I must work hard and make a career out of it. Time passed quickly, and I heard the flight from the Philippines checking tickets on the radio. He went to line up, and after a while, he was ready to take off in the seat of the plane. The fatigue of the journey and the yearning for the future at this moment. I am full of energy.

  When I arrived in the Philippines, a heat wave hit my face. Through the exchange of information, I also found a company to arrange my personnel – he asked me to call him Xiao Liu, and Xiao Liu said that he welcomed me here and was going to take me to experience it first. Check out the local customs. The Philippines is indeed a tourist destination in Southeast Asia. Xiao Liu took me to the beach by the sea. A group of a few people started to play beach volleyball. When they got tired, they would drink some coconut water. There was also a shooting session on the beach. A lot of fun.

   I started to work the next day. The company’s CG Group in the Philippines has great prospects for development. As a new employee, because I had similar work experience before, the boss asked me to be in charge, and I was familiar with it. The content of the company’s meals and accommodation, and the dormitory is a double room. In the apartment building, the accommodation environment is much better than in my hometown. If you eat in the company’s canteen, there will be a monthly catering subsidy, which is also very user-friendly. Everyone has their own workstation, and in such a good environment, I work even harder. After a week of work, the company’s departments will organize a bonfire party on the beach. Everyone chats and plays games together. The atmosphere is like at home.

  The main spirit of the company is to be down-to-earth and earn more for more work. Because I already have experience in similar areas, I have a little experience in job handover, and with the support of other seniors in the post, I will be transferred from the internship contract in the first month of entering the company. In order to make a formal contract, in the second month, because my performance was outstanding among the newcomers, the bonus alone was five figures. The income in the second month made me very satisfied. I will only be more diligent and hardworking in the future.

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