May your future be pure and bright

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I have been a takeaway rider for two years since I was 24 years old, with a monthly salary of 5,000, revealing the real life of a rider. Since I came out to work after finishing secondary school, I entered society early. Before I became a rider, I also did other jobs and distributed flyers. Every day Go to bicycles and electric car baskets under the sun and put advertisements on car door handles. With a lot of walking every day, I know you guys hate finding ads in your car. I also worked in an electronics factory, and I changed shifts during the day and night shifts, and the night shift was really hard.

Later, I came into contact with the food delivery industry and met all kinds of customers and merchants. Some of them were kind and considerate and warmed my heart. Some of them had a bad attitude. But in general, there are still many good people, so I have been insisting on it for two years.

At that time, I spent seven or eight hours every day running during the afternoon and evening rush hours, and my monthly income was about 4,000 to 5,000 yuan. It may be because I am in a small town, so I can earn more than 4 yuan per order. My income is relatively normal. Due to my poor family conditions, I can only rely on myself. I worked hard to save money and hoped to have a family. Every day I would stand by the roadside to solve the problem.

I know that everyone is working hard to live this; I have my difficulties, and others have others’ difficulties.

But this kind of life didn’t last. Once it rained, I delivered the order, and there were not many cars on the road. Because the road was slippery in the rain, I was anxious to deliver the order. The speed of the car was too fast. I slipped and lay on the bed for more than a month to recuperate. And because of the irregular eating, I also have some problems with my stomach.

During the month I was in bed, I recalled my own experience. My family was not in good condition. I left the campus early. At the age of 24, I had no house, no car, and I couldn’t afford a dowry, and I couldn’t get a wife. I can’t meet a girl with four yuan or five. Lying on the hospital bed, I saw a lot of Internet celebrities traveling in the Philippines, thinking that I had never seen the sea at this age, so I decided to use the little money I had saved. Going to the Philippines to see the sea, I don’t want to wait for me to look back on my life when I am old and there is no light at all.

There happened to be a discounted ticket to the Philippines, so I grabbed one. In fact, my family didn’t really understand why I was going abroad. They thought it was unnecessary to go that far, and they thought it was a waste of money.

I don’t know if I should go or not. In fact, I was shaken. I haven’t left our city for so long. I’m a little worried about going out, and I also feel distressed about money, but I finally decided to go see it.

I checked the guide on the Internet and then got on the plane to the Philippines alone. It was the first time I had taken a plane, and I kept hearing people say boarding passes and boarding passes. But what is a boarding pass for? In the end, isn’t that the ticket? Why is it called a boarding pass? When I checked in, I put my luggage in, and I was thinking, where should I take this luggage and get off the plane for someone else to take it away. Does anyone care? I didn’t dare to go to the toilet when I was waiting for the flight because I was afraid that I would miss the time when I came out. The plane flew off and got on the plane. I was relieved to see the spacious chairs, and I was still thinking about it, and it was not crowded! After walking, I realized that Nima is too exaggerated; the chair is almost half the size! After sitting down, I was very nervous and looked out the window happily.

When I arrived in the Philippines, I saw the sea and was really, really, really happy! !! Played target shooting on the beach, and went to Chinatown, you can eat anything, and there are a lot of tropical fruits. I was so happy; everything I saw and heard was completely different from my hometown.

But soon, I ran out of money, so I looked for a job on a job site, and when I saw a company called CG Group, I applied for it. I finally got the blessing of God, I was actually accepted, the company is not bad, there is a canteen and dormitory, I have a place to sleep, and the three meals are regular.

The colleagues in the company are all born in the 90s, of the same age, and there is no intrigue with each other. Just like in school, we work hard together at work and eat, drink and play together after getting off work. Even if my superior supervisor, we can fight each other, and I really just like managing the company, I will sincerely communicate with the supervisor if there is any problem, and I have learned a lot, such as English, and improved myself.

And occasionally, there are gatherings and team building. (It was the first time to eaten Japanese food.) The team building is very interesting, throwing sandbags on the beach, tearing off famous brands, and doing activities that young people have changed to do, no longer send it in the scorching sun every day in the wind and snow Takeout, and can sit in the air-conditioned room, mainly I like the atmosphere of work now, and the people around me. The key point is that I like the Philippines, like spring all year round, and I can go to see the sea. I love the sea so much.

To be a free and self-disciplined person, rely on the determination that is bound to be achieved, and be serious. Work hard for continuous promotion and have a good salary. May your future be pure and bright, and you can also find a career you love. In the beautiful destination of the world, may your destiny be beautiful and happy.

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