The outside world is wonderful, don’t settle for the status quo

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I grew up in the countryside. When I grew up, my parents arranged a job for me. I had a fixed time, a fixed route, and a fixed thing every day. In this way, day after day, year after year, life was dull. I thought it would be easy and comfortable to work in my hometown, but now I feel that staying at home is not a good choice. It is mixed with intricate interpersonal relationships, and my parents are constantly nagging by my side. Life has changed from the original material. The pressure turned into mental pressure, forcing the young me to quickly escape from here. On the recommendation of a friend, I plan to find a job abroad because, after all, I am still young. If I don’t try it now, I may not have a chance in the future. So I decided to go to the Philippines, just to play all the way to find, the experience is also very good.

After some preparations, I embarked on the journey. This is the first time in my life that I have traveled so far by myself on a plane. When I left my hometown for the first time, I was not familiar with the boarding process. After I arrived at the airport, after inquiring again and again, I first found the airline service station to get my boarding pass and then went through the baggage check and other procedures. After all the formalities were completed, I stayed at the airport and waited quietly. I still remember that when I was sitting at the airport at that time, although I was reluctant to leave home, I had more expectations for the future, a new environment, and a new life.

   When I arrived in the Philippines, everything I saw and heard was very new to me. Sure enough, seeing a hundred things is better than seeing them. It can be said that the land is just like its name. It exists around the sea and lives at the southern end. When the north was still icy and snowy, the Philippines had already had a bright spring, blue sea, and blue sky, and it was a unique experience. At the street stalls, I was attracted by the many interesting entertainment projects in the Philippines, such as island beaches and target shooting. After that, I saw scenic spots in the Philippines one after another, as well as large and small enterprises. After experiencing the customs of the Philippines, I am full of expectations for the future.

After a few days of settling in, I started my job hunting journey in the Philippines. It was also in the process of applying for a job that I met CG Group, which I love today.

After an interview, I was offered a job at the company. When I first joined the company, I was attracted by the company’s unique corporate culture. All the employees of the company were very enthusiastic and united like a family. In addition, the company is clean and tidy, and the solemn and gorgeous working environment makes us love working in the company even more. Since the beginning of work, the company has often held team-building activities in order to enhance the feelings of employees and relieve their work pressure, which has greatly improved the enthusiasm of employees.

Whether a company can run well depends not only on the leadership ability of the leaders and the workability of the employees but also on the excellent corporate culture and innovation ability of the company, but also on the love and dedication of the leaders and employees for their work, the company, and each other Being in such a company and working environment, I believe that my career path will go further and better!

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