God opened a new window for me

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I thought it would be easy and comfortable to work in my hometown, but now I feel that staying at home is the biggest mistake. There are countless interpersonal relationships, parents are constantly complaining around, and life seems to have changed from material pressure to mental pressure. , forcing me to get out of here quickly. Because my parents looked for it when I was working, I had to deal with the interpersonal relationships around me hypocritically. I tried to communicate with my parents, but the only answer I got was “I’m not satisfied.” I don’t know what contentment is, but I really don’t want to stay in this place anymore.

On the recommendation of a friend, I plan to travel and escape from reality. Of course, I also hope to find a job in another place. I really want to give up the kind of job that has to deal with sophistication and low salary every day. After all, I am still young. , If you don’t try it now, there may be no chance in the future. It is also a good choice to just play and find it all the way.

The Philippines became my first stop. After all, every inland person has a yearning for the sea. I booked a ticket with excitement. It was not until the moment I walked into the airport that my feelings became clear. The huge airport seemed to tell me that there was infinite space for development outside. Looking at the changes in the scenery outside the plane, I gradually got closer and closer to the sea. And what touched me most directly was the temperature. As soon as I got off the plane, I felt a heat wave coming towards me, and I immediately put on short sleeves. What I didn’t expect was that the hotel’s pick-up service was very good, and it was easy to check in.

I asked the service staff of the hotel about interesting places around, and the service staff were very enthusiastic. They not only recommended attractions to me, but also helped me plan routes. It was a one-stop service. In the evening, I came to the night market in the Philippines. It was around eleven o’clock in the evening, but the night market was full of people. I heard from the boss that the night life in the Philippines only started at ten o’clock in the evening. Although the crowd around was noisy, it made me feel that I had not seen it for a long time. After all, at 10 o’clock in the evening at home, I was urged by my parents to sleep.

During this period of time, I tried many water sports that I wanted to try before, such as parasailing, jet ski, diving, and tail-slope surfing. After staying in the Philippines for many days, of course, there are Philippine delicacies, which really realizes “coconut freedom”.

Just when I was sad about leaving the Philippines, God opened a new window for me. I met the company I really dreamed of – CG Group, a work environment that contemporary young people yearn for. . After leaving the social circle of relatives and friends, the working environment has become simpler. The colleagues around are very enthusiastic, and the most important thing is the salary and benefits. Invalid overtime, involution in the workplace, encourage work to achieve efficient work, and play happily after get off work.

I didn’t expect this journey to start in the Philippines and end in the Philippines. I can only say that opportunities are really important. The emergence of CG Group is really just right and solved many of my problems. Not only can I continue to eat Filipino food, I can continue to feel It is a great blessing in life to be able to get a relaxed and satisfying job in the sea!

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