My days in the Philippines: Different efforts mean different rewards

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    Now my assets are more than 15 million yuan. I bought a villa in a second-tier city in China and spent more than 6 million yuan. It is not expensive to have a car. It is a proper winner in life. Some people will say that my luck must be very good. I was born into a wealthy family. My parents are farmers. Some people will say that I must be highly educated. Said that my luck is very good. Before I was 26 years old, I was fired from my own factory. I talked about two girlfriends, and they all blew me away. They were all dumped by me. Changing fate after 27, so how old am I now? Only 31 years old.

  How did I get these assets? It is very simple to go to work. Many people are very surprised. How can it be possible to earn a lot of money by working?

  In fact, the reason is very simple. It depends on where you work. I chose to go to the Philippines to work, and the income is more than ten times that of China.

  It took me a lot of time to apply for a visa in the first place. It would be easy if a company would accept it. At that time, I hadn’t contacted the company where I worked, so I applied for a tourist visa.

  One person with one piece of luggage, staying in the airport like this, the gorgeous airport, the noisy crowd, and I have become a particularly sharp contrast.

  Knowing English is still useful. At least I can use it when I go abroad to ask about work. Unfortunately, my English is not good. After I arrived in the Philippines, I played for two days. The seaside here is very lively; the sea is blue and beautiful women of many.

  In the evening, the place is full of feasts, bars, discos, coffee shops, etc., but I can’t do it without a job. After two days of searching for nothing, I started to ask in my circle of friends, and a friend told me that I could go to CG (Colorful Group) to work, where his cousin used to work.

  When I came to this company, I mentioned my cousin’s name, and the HR director welcomed me very warmly. After going through the onboarding procedures, he let me get acquainted with the environment of the company.

  The company’s environment is very good. There is a room for two people, with independent toilets, independent baths, etc. There is no problem in meeting daily living needs.

   There is a staff cafeteria here, and the food is very good. It can’t be said of any food culture. Anyway, you can order any number of dishes, but there is no such thing as stir-fry dishes in the midfield. Seafood, beef, mutton, and various beverages are available. What do you like to eat? Take whatever you want, but don’t waste it. I like to eat lobster here the most, and later I learned that the price of lobster in the Philippines is about the same as that of domestic pork.

  The working atmosphere is also very good, with an 8-hour work system, and there is no benchmarking requirement for how much work you do. Work more, earn more, work less, and earn less. I made over 15,000 in my first month here and 32,000 in my second month.

  The working atmosphere here is also very good. Every month the company organizes us to do a team-building activity. In such an activity, we can not only enhance the friendship between colleagues but also have fun during the team building. In short, it is a very happy thing. And you can also get all kinds of small gifts during team building activities. It is one thing whether something is worthwhile, but it is important to have fun or not.

  Even if I work to death from home, I can’t make this kind of money, but working in the Philippines changed my fate.

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