Talk about my personal experience of working in the Philippines

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  In the blink of an eye, it has been 4 years since I worked in the Philippines, that is, one year before the outbreak of the epidemic. At that time, I was looking for relevant strategies on the Internet. Some people say it is good to work abroad, and others say it is not good to work abroad. Are you going to work abroad? In fact, it mainly depends on your personal ability. If you have a very stable job in the country with a monthly income of more than 10,000 yuan, then there is no need to go abroad to work, but if you have nothing, it is still necessary to go abroad to work.

  At that time, I had nothing, no education, no experience, and no connections. I thought that I couldn’t live a life of ignorance like this, gritted my teeth, and rushed to the Philippines as if I was about to die heroically. I found that the salary here is higher than that in China.

  As mentioned above, whether you need to go abroad mainly depends on your personal situation. If you have a stable job and an income of more than 10,000 yuan, there is no need to leave your hometown and stay away from your relatives, but if you have no better room for development Now, why don’t you come out and fight? When it comes to working in the Philippines, some people say it’s good, and some people say it’s not good. It’s like crossing a river with a pony. You have to try it. Some people say the water is deep, and some people say the water is shallow. Whether it is suitable or not depends on the individual.

1. How to go abroad

  If you have a tourist visa or there is a company there, you can go abroad. You can buy a plane ticket and come out. At that time, I was on a tourist visa.

2. Is the environment in the Philippines good?

  The working environment in the Philippines I found it to be very good after personal experience, and you really can’t look at a certain company when you go abroad to work. Depending on the living habits and working methods of the people in this country, the pace of life in the Philippines is slow, so working in companies is not very tiring, no matter which company is.

3. There are not many places to play

  There are many places to play in the Philippines. For example, when I have nothing to do, I go to the beach for a walk after dinner. Sometimes I go to a nightclub with my friends or go to a coffee shop, go to a bar, etc. There are more places to play than in China. Many, this is because the local legal environment is very lax.

4. What company can I work for?

  It depends on personal preference. There are many types of companies. For example, I went directly to CG (Colorful Group) company.

5. Can it adapt to the Philippine diet?

The diet in the Philippines is very complicated. Where we Chinese go to eat is not a problem. Usually, I eat in my work unit. There is a lot of seafood here. Bought seafood to eat.

The food is very cheap. I usually eat at CG for breakfast and lunch. There are various types of seafood, grilled meat, and vegetables in all styles, Western-style and Chinese style; you can choose at will; there are more than 10 kinds of drinks, including Coca-Cola, Sprite, and Wang Laozi in China.

6. Tired of work?

It depends on which company it is, but generally speaking, the work is not very tiring. For example, in our CG, the work is flexible. If you like to do it for a few hours, you can do it for a few hours, and the performance is linked to the personal salary.

A team-building activity is organized once a month in different places. Sometimes in the hotel, sometimes at the beach, colleagues help each other and promote feelings, and in the process, they can also get various Various types of team-building gifts.

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