The class reunion is so hypocritical

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  Looking at the old classmates who were flattering me, in addition to being happy, I felt infinite loneliness. Such a class reunion is really meaningless, and I won’t participate again next time.

  After graduating from high school, some classmates went to college, and some classmates entered some enterprises and institutions with the help of their parents. Only I and a few classmates worked alone in society and earned very low wages. No car, no house, and no marriage. They have participated in several reunions, and they are all full of spring breeze. Always ask me about my salary vaguely and then look regretful, and they treat me as a transparent person, which was the same for many alumni reunions until I returned from the Philippines.

  I worked in the Philippine CG Group for three years. After returning to China, I bought a house. It was a villa in a first-tier city. The price was more than 4 million. It cost more than 1.2 million to buy a BMW. These classmates asked about my salary as usual. I said that I was no longer working, so they went’s and asked me what had happened to me. I think they were expecting what happened to me. Apart from your parents, no one wants you to have a good life. This is the truth, especially for your classmates. The more people you get to know, the more they want you to have a worse life.

   I replied indifferently that my bank deposit had reached 10 million, and I didn’t have many ideas. Now that I have a house and a car, I can live the rest of my life well. I can’t forget the surprised look on their faces at that time, followed by all kinds of flattery, saying that when I was in school, I had extraordinary intelligence and intelligence. In fact, when I was in school, I didn’t pass any subjects. The highest test score was Math, 42 points.

   Four years ago, I saw through everything. If there is no money in this world, it means you have nothing. In order to get the first pot of gold in life, I decided to go abroad to make a foray, and my target was the Philippines.

  In the Philippines, I spent more than half a month looking for a job and finally found the CG group, where I finally succeeded.

  The process of applying for a job is very simple. Our supervisor told me that as long as you work hard after joining the job, you can send a colleague to take me to familiarize yourself with the situation. Our company is very large, with more than 20 floors in the front building, which is our daily office. The 9th floor of the back building is the accommodation building for our employees.

The number of employees exceeds 500, and the living environment is still very good. There are two or three people in one room. All kinds of electrical appliances are complete. The most important thing is that there is an Internet cable. The Internet is very fast, and there is a separate shower room.

  The lunch is also very good. There are many kinds of lunch here, there are all kinds of seafood, prawns, crabs, etc., too many to list, and the beef is also very good, all imported Japanese beef, if you are not used to western food, you can do it yourself Cook rice.

There are many entertainment activities in the Philippines. There are many beautiful women on the beach, and both discos and bars are open day and night, but I only go once or twice a week, unlike my colleagues who go every day. After all, I am here. Make money here.

It is precise because of this that in our group, I am the first in terms of performance every month, with an average monthly income of more than 100,000 yuan. Success is by no means easy, and I must work harder. Only in this way can my life be changed.

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