If you want to succeed, you need to determine the direction

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It took me a year to go abroad, not because of other reasons, but because my family did not agree; even so, it took me a year to persuade my father, and even though my mother did not agree, I decided to go abroad, It is precisely because of the decision at that time that I now have several million in the property. If I were still in China, I am afraid that I would not be able to earn so much money in my life.

The direction of success is very critical. In the state of no education and no connections, the possibility of success in China is very low. It is because of this reason that I went to the Philippines. It can be said that the process of going to the Philippines is still very simple. Yes, I contacted the company CG (Colorful Group), and the application was successful. Whether it was in the process of going abroad or in the process of buying air tickets, I got the company’s help and support. It is for this reason that the process of going abroad is very easy.

After arriving in the Philippines, I first felt the local customs of this area. The Philippines is different from the domestic one. Domestic life is fast-paced. Although there are many big cities and many high-rise buildings, the public’s happiness in life is very low. Here in the Philippines, The pace of life is very slow; most companies work no more than 8 hours a day, and lunchtime is also included, so I think the work here must be suitable for me. And there are many places to play in the Philippines. The sea view here is very good, the seafood is cheap, and the number of nightclubs is very large. There are nightclubs and bars on almost every street.

The second week I arrived in the Philippines, I went to report to CG (Colorful Group) company. After joining the company, I was assigned to a dormitory. The company dormitory has a room for two people. It is very spacious and also has various household appliances, TVs and computers. Entertainment equipment is still very complete.

The company’s canteen is also very good. All kinds of meals are complete. If you are used to eating western food, you can find a lot of meals here. If you like to eat Chinese food, you need to inform the canteen in advance. There is electricity in the company’s canteen. The rice cooker and rice are all ready-made, as long as the staff in the canteen is notified in advance.

When I first joined the company, I felt the deepest not only that the accommodation environment was good and the food was very good, but more importantly, the company’s corporate culture was ideal. Any newcomer who wants to develop after entering a company must pay attention to The corporate culture of this company, the corporate culture is steaming up, and when everyone is not intrigued, the possibility of getting results will be higher. I have participated in this company twice in less than half a month. Team building activities, team building, and tourism, and outdoor entertainment are combined, so it is fun and can enhance the relationship between colleagues. It is for this reason that many of my colleagues and I have become familiar with them in a short period of time. When I encountered a problem, these colleagues brought me great help. It was for this reason that I was able to start my own job within a short period of time, except that the salary for the first month was 7,000 yuan. In addition, the salary rose to more than 60,000 in the second month, and then the salary increased month by month.

It is for this reason that in just a few short years, I earned money in the Philippines that would take me a lifetime to earn. It is not difficult to eat enough, but I want to live my life. That kind of life is very difficult, which requires you to find the right direction and work hard to move forward.

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