It is easier to make money abroad than at home

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It can be found that my country’s economic development has been very fast in recent years. Many people think that the salary and remuneration they can get at work will definitely be higher, but this is not the case. As a low-level worker, I have worked in various industries. Workers in similar factories have also delivered takeaways. I feel very deeply about this. Working in China does not make as much money as working abroad. I have a profound understanding of this after going to the Philippines.
Why is the development of the Philippines not as strong as that of China, but the salary that can be obtained is higher than that of China? The reason is very simple. China’s economic development is fast, but China’s population base is also very large. A great option.
When I went abroad to the Philippines, I took some setbacks in the procedures, but in general, it was relatively simple to apply for a tourist visa to the Philippines. After that, I bought the first air ticket in my life and flew to the Philippines.

After arriving in the Philippines, I first got acquainted with the living environment here. Generally speaking, people here are relatively happy, and there is almost no pressure at work. There are quite a lot of seaside entertainment projects here, such as airships, water gliders, everything. As long as you have money, you can have a lot of fun. There are also a lot of hotels, nightclubs and disco bars. There are almost countless beauties here, and they can play all night in nightclubs, so there is no lack of entertainment here. It is for this reason that the Philippines attracted mine on first impression.
After playing here for about a week, I started looking for a job, and I applied for a company. This company is CG (Colorful Group). This company can be regarded as a first-class company in the Philippines, even in China. The company is very big. After I joined the company, a supervisor took me around the company.
There are two rooms in the dormitory, and there are three rooms in the dormitory, but whether it is a two-person room or a three-person room, they are clean and tidy, and all kinds of household appliances are complete, such as TV, refrigerator, network cable, etc. All have.

The dishes provided by the canteen here are also very rich, and all kinds of seafood are almost dizzying here. The reason why I like seafood here is that it is very expensive to eat such seafood in China, while seafood in the Philippines is very common. In year 1, I had seafood as a staple in almost every meal.

The company organizes team-building activities twice a month. In such team-building activities, we sometimes travel to various places and sometimes organize to play some games. During the process of playing games, the tacit understanding of colleagues is established, and From a stranger to a very familiar friend, this has a great effect on the development of our company, and it also plays a great role in promoting the friendship of colleagues. It was with the help of these colleagues that I quickly started related work. , made more than 23,000 in the first month.

As my business becomes more and more proficient, I earn more and more money. On average, I can earn more than 90,000 yuan per month. When I have more, I can earn 140,000 to 50,000 yuan. The daily work is not that difficult. If you want to do more, then do more; if you want to do less, then do less. There is no big restriction. When you finish your daily work, you just go to a nightclub and have fun. This kind of life is the life of my dreams.

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