Take steps to find a new life in the place you most yearn for

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Do you choose to bravely let go of your current life to find a more challenging job or continue to stay in your hometown and do a down-to-earth job? This problem has troubled me for a long time. In fact, my current job in my hometown is a stable job that many people envy, but the days of seeing things at a glance are really boring. Many times, I feel that I have passed the same day three hundred and sixty-five times. In order to escape this predicament, I choose to take steps to find a new life in the place I most yearn for.
So, I chose to leave my hometown to find a new beginning in my favourite country, the Philippines. There is a certain distance from my home to the airport. I took a ride from my friend and arrived at the terminal in more than an hour.

After checking my luggage and getting my boarding pass, I went through security. The plane arrived on time, and all the passengers on our flight got on the shuttle bus and boarded the plane on time. The plane took off smoothly, and three hours later, I finally arrived in the Philippines. After picking up my luggage, I took a random taxi at the gate of the airport and went to my hotel. On the way, the beautiful scenery of the Philippines flashed by the window, and I felt extra relaxed.
After arriving at the hotel, I checked in, and by the way, I asked about the surrounding tourist attractions, entertainment items and food worth punching in, and I was ready to experience the Philippine style after a night of rest. The next day, I woke up early, had breakfast, and was ready to play on the beach. Come to the beach. I was eating and drinking all morning, and the play was over. On the way back to the hotel, I passed by a big company, it seemed to be called CG Group, and the surrounding environment was not bad.

After returning to the hotel room, I recalled the CG group, so I picked up the computer and checked the relevant information. I didn’t expect that this company was really recruiting, and there were positions that fit my professional direction. I was instantly excited. I decided to take a look at the company environment in the afternoon. After lunch, I took a taxi to CG Group. When I came to the door, I was attracted by the environment of this company. Facing the seaside, the surroundings are very prosperous and lively. I asked the security guard if he could go in and visit. The security guard said that he could not enter without an appointment. Only then did I realize how inadequate my preparations were. After returning to the hotel again, I decided to put aside the visit, first re-made a resume and submitted it to CG Group, and then I waited anxiously.

Over the past week, I have seen all the attractions around the hotel and made several new friends. However, CG Group has not replied; I am a little disappointed. I planned to submit my resume to several other alternative companies. Just when I was planning to apply for other companies, CG Group replied and invited me to participate in an offline interview two days later. I prepared carefully for two days. During the interview, I was not nervous at all and honestly told the reasons why I wanted to join the company. After the interview, I began to worry about the result of my first interview in the Philippines. The company is very efficient, and a week after the interview, I received an offer to join. At that moment, I felt that I really wanted to become a “Filipino”. I bought a new set of formal clothes, and I went to work excitedly wearing the new clothes on my first day.

On my first day, I didn’t have much work. Briefly visited the company and had two cafeteria meals. The food here is very delicious and has everything you need. The company’s dormitory is clean, spacious and bright, and I can’t wait to move in. The senior who took me to visit the company also said that the company would regularly take employees to build a team, which may be in the Philippines or travel to other cities. I think this is probably the working atmosphere and environment that I am looking forward to. The company’s probation period is three months. During these three months, I quickly adapted to the company’s work rhythm, felt the company’s corporate culture of “observing and thinking”, and my professional ability has also improved. Three months later, I was successfully converted. This is the happiest thing I have ever done since I came to the Philippines.

After the regularization, the work content is much more than the probation period, and the salary and bonus are also much higher. After working in the Philippines for half a year, I am completely integrated here. I also plan to take my parents over to play for a few days and feel the customs of the Philippines. In just half a year, my professional ability has been greatly improved, and my business ability has also become better. I hope that more people can see this company and have more friends from other places. Like me, I have the courage to pursue my own dreams. Work and life. I believe that CG Group will be able to develop better, and my life in the Philippines will definitely be better!

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