Wealth is a hero; money is courage

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Now I am in the CG Group in the Philippines, and the salary that I can start with each month reaches 170,000 yuan, not including bonuses and other miscellaneous income. Here I manage food and housing, and I save at least 200,000 yuan a month. Thinking back to the days when I had no money made me so sad.

The reason why I was able to make up my mind to come to the Philippines was that I was really poor at the time. This was 5 years ago. When I didn’t come to the Philippines, I was working in a small business, and my salary could not be paid in time because my city was a county seat. And there was no choice. That year, my mother was sick and was hospitalized in the hospital, and she only had to pay 6,000 yuan for the hospitalization fee. Our family took out our pockets, but it was only 700 or 800 yuan. At that time, 8 As a man of feet, I squatted in the corner and wept bitterly. I really stumped a hero with a penny.
It was only now that I regretted that I had never thought about finding a higher-paying job. At that time, I thought that I could buy two packs of cigarettes and go out with my friends to drink and drink. What do I do with so much money? This is exactly what happened. After this incident, I began to pay attention to how to find a job with a higher income. It was at this stage that I saw the information about the recruitment of CG group on the Internet. After seeing this news, I was immediately tempted and contacted his company. I knew that I was going to work in the Philippines. I didn’t know how to get a passport or where to buy an air ticket. The relevant staff of the company informed me and could help. I did it, and with the help of the company, I applied for a passport, bought an air ticket, and went abroad without looking back.

After arriving in the Philippines, I realized that life could be so wonderful. I first lived in the dormitory of the CG company. The house that the company gave us was very large, and it was a room for two people. The company first gave me 10,000 yuan. Living expenses, let me buy some daily necessities.

After buying some daily necessities, I spent only more than 1,000 yuan, and then I went to play all kinds of things in the Philippines, play all kinds of surfing at the beach, and then went to nightclubs and disco bars, etc. The consumption here is very low, but the wages are high; there are many beauties in the bar, not only from Asian countries but also from Europe, with blonde hair and blue eyes. Many of the friends I have made are Europeans.
After joining the company, I learned that the company is so good. The company manages meals three times a day, and the breakfast is rich. Because many people in the company are Chinese, in addition to milk and bread, there are also steamed buns, rice porridge, fried dough sticks, etc. Wait, there are a lot of dishes at noon, at least dozens of them; in addition to various Western dishes, there are also Chinese dishes.

The content of the work is not complicated. At first, I didn’t know how to get started. Later, I gradually learned some things, but there are still some things that I don’t understand. Fortunately, the company often organizes group-building activities. Such activities are mainly travel and various activities. Games, in the process, the friendship between our colleagues has been stimulated, and under the guidance of help, my work ability has grown significantly.

In just the first month, I earned 17,500 yuan in the CG group, which is enough for half a year’s salary in China. After that, my income doubled in the second month. At this stage, I can get my monthly salary here. Seventeen or eighty thousand, I feel content.

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