A successful move to work in the Philippines unintentionally

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  After graduating from university, I once submitted more than 20 resumes, but I could not find a professional counterpart. I found a clerical job. The salary was only more than 2,000 yuan, which was not enough for me to survive in the big city of Shanghai, so I found a clerical job. I wanted to go abroad. I didn’tdidn’t want to go to the Philippines at that time. I wanted to go to a better country, such as the United States, Canada, and New Zealand, but unfortunately, the visas of these countries could not be obtained at all, and the probability of refusal was too high. I worked hard for two years. There was still no result. I finally chose to go to the Philippines. Originally, I wanted to use this place as a springboard and then go to the United States. In the end, my dream came true in the Philippines.

  In fact, my dream is very small. I have never thought about being rich and rich. I just want to be able to buy a house in a first-tier city in China and have a car of my own, but even such a small dream can still be realized in China. It is extremely difficult. Because the family is all farming in the countryside, it is difficult to get help from the family. Even if you work hard for 100 years, it is difficult to pay the down payment for the house. I feel both love and hate.

  After arriving in the Philippines, it still takes time to continue to transfer to the United States. During this time, I had a good time in the Philippines. There are various entertainment activities on the beach in the Philippines, such as beach volleyball, motorboats, and gliders. However, I have a lot of money in my pocket. I just watched from the sidelines, and by chance, I learned that there is a CG group that is recruiting.

  At that time, I didn’tdidn’t have anything to do, so I went with the attitude of giving it a try. The requirements during the application process were not high, and I was successfully hired very quickly. After joining the company, I followed the department head around the company and saw a group of energetic young people working hard in the spacious and bright office.

The food in the cafeteria here is very good. There are various types of food. If you are not used to western food, you can say hello to the cafeteria in advance here. You can cook rice with a rice cooker. There are also many types of beverages, except Coca-Cola and Sprite. There are also domestic hot-selling Wang Lao Ji.

When it comes to salary, I am most interested. During lunch, I talked to a few of them. Everyone gets different salaries. Those who work hard can earn hundreds of thousands of yuan a month, even if they are sloppy. For those who work, I can earn 20,000 to 30,000 yuan a month. Since I can make so much money here, why am I still struggling to go to the United States?

  So I was planning to stay in the CG group for a long time. The company divided me into a dormitory for two people. The water and electricity facilities are complete, and there are household appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines. It is also very convenient to take a shower.

 I worked for CG Group in the Philippines for 4 years and earned more than 10 million.

Originally, I thought that I could go back to China to buy a house if I made enough money, but what can I do after returning to China? Various companies in China not only have high entry barriers but also offer very low salaries, so I stayed here. Since you have the opportunity, grab him. Only when the opportunity knocks on the door you will not regret it if you seize opportunity. If you miss even such an opportunity, there will be no chance to make money in the future, and it will be a pity.

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