Going to college may really be useless

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I always feel that after graduating from university, I can make a name for myself and achieve something with what I have learned. Now it seems that I was young at that time, so maybe it is really useless to go to university.

In my senior year, I had an unforgettable experience with poverty, and this experience made me panic. Originally, my family was well-off, but my father had a car accident in my senior year, and my brother was diagnosed with an illness. It was for this reason that I suddenly lost all my living expenses in my senior year.

 I still remember the embarrassing scene at that time. It was the end of the month, but I didn’t pay for living expenses at home. I only received a call from my mother. The family was treating my brother’s illness. All the money was used up. I quickly said that I still had money in my hand. I only have more than 80 yuan, and I will use this money until the end of the month or even longer.

In the cafeteria, I only dare to make white rice, I dare not order any dishes, and I only eat the free cucumber and egg drop soup. Until now, I still remember the strange eyes that my classmates looked at me when I was queuing, some strange, some contempt, and some sympathy. It is also for this reason that during the summer vacation of my senior year, I immediately devoted myself to looking for a job.

There is still my next study and the graduation thesis, so I must find a short-term, high-paying job so that I can complete my studies. The talent market and network channels have been searched, and several companies have been screened, one of which is the CG Group in the Philippines.

 In the process of communicating with the company’s HR, I learned that even if a new person joins the company, he can get a monthly salary of 20,000 yuan. If he does a good job, the monthly salary can exceed 100,000 yuan. Few companies have more favourable terms than this one.

Although my summer vacation is only more than a month, I want to come, if I earn a monthly salary of 20,000 yuan, it can meet my daily needs, so I did not hesitate to go abroad and apply for a one-month short-term visa. Go to the Philippines.

When I arrived at CG Group, I found that this company is really a high-end atmosphere. There are more than 20 floors in the office building. After entering the office building, I went through the entry procedures in the human resources department.

I visited the company for a tour. The company is not only very big but also has a very clean and tidy environment. Everyone is busy in front of their computers.

  I have to praise the company’s food. I drank egg drop soup at school for a long time, and I almost forgot the taste of meat. In the company’s canteen, there are many types of meat, not only pork, beef and mutton. There are even various types of seafood, mouth-watering; the more critical point is that these are free.

  The accommodation environment is much better than our university dormitory. There are only two people in each room. Although it is also a bunk, the upper bunk is mainly for luggage or other things. People live in the lower bunk, and there are TVs, refrigerators, and air conditioners. Private bathroom, the company has a large fitness place with a lot of fitness equipment; I prefer to go swimming in the pool.

  After coming to the Philippines, I didn’t find any discomfort. The stores here are very large, and there are many discos and bars that can be played.

  Cg Group has frequent team-building activities, which promotes the relationship between us. In just one month of work, I got 45,000. When parting, my colleagues felt a lot of reluctance. In addition to buying some electronic products that I needed, I also bought a few bottles of Moutai. My father loves to drink, but he has hardly had a good drink in the past year. I think that after graduation, I will work here full-time, and I will travel thousands of miles to read thousands of books so that I can find better opportunities.

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