Real life starts with money

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 I have never felt ashamed about farming; everyone has to eat it, so farming is the foundation of a country’s development, I think farming is good, but this idea changed completely after attending my second cousin’s wedding. At the wedding, the second cousin took his new daughter-in-law around to toast, and all the relatives sat at a table, but I forgot.

 This angered me. There have been countless times before; as long as there are many people, I will become a little transparent. Well, this time, I was completely excited, and I decided to go abroad.

 I don’t think there is any shame in my farming, but it is not so in the eyes of other people. As the saying goes, those who are respected by people and those who are ugly are bitten by dogs. Since they are only farmers, what kind of dignity do they need? No money means no ability, no career; no one can look down on you, as the so-called poor in the busy city no one asks, rich in the mountains have distant relatives.

 So I decided to go abroad to change my destiny. I chose the Philippines. The reason why I went to the Philippines was that I saw a few job advertisements. There was a company that was very suitable for me. No previous work experience is required. After communicating with this company, the head of the human resources department told me how to apply for a passport and how to buy air tickets.

  A month later, I was already standing on the land of the Philippines, and when I arrived at the CG group, I went through the onboarding procedures quickly. After that, under the guidance of the staff of the human resources department, I visited the CG group, and all the people were in the gorgeous building. It can be said that there are more office areas in this building than I imagined. There are a total of 4 office areas.

 From the 1st floor to the 8th floor are offices, and above the 8th floor is our staff dormitory, a room for two people, very spacious, and all kinds of household appliances are complete.

 What makes me more satisfied is the food here. Before I went abroad, I was worried that I would not be able to eat enough in a foreign country, and I was not used to eating all kinds of foreign food, but after seeing the cafeteria here, I was completely relieved. All kinds of food are available. If you want to eat Chinese food, you can make it yourself, and the rice cookers here are available all day long.

 Before coming here, I was worried that my business ability was not strong. After all, I have never had work experience, but after coming here, I found that the working environment here is very good, and the working atmosphere is very strong. Many colleagues gave me instructed, and I started working soon. The company will organize various types of team-building activities from time to time. In such activities, it is mainly to travel around the mountains and waters, but in the process, colleagues can get to know each other. Can promote mutual feelings, and the probability of being able to get help becomes very high after a problem occurs at work.

 Working here, my salary is more than 80,000 yuan. In the first year, I bought a car of my own. This is because I received 420,000 yuan in dividends at the end of the year. As long as I work hard, I will be able to succeed here. I also have my own property here, and in the future, I have never thought of returning to China. Humans are worldly, and the situation is cold. Only if you have money can you prove yourself and make people look up to you. It doesn’t matter where you are. You may return to China in the future, but I want to return to China after I have deposited more than 8 digits.

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