You can be born poor but never die poor

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Through my efforts, I have changed the existing life model. It is precise because I went to the Philippines that my life has become so different. Any person in his life may develop along the original trajectory. After all, this model is simpler and does not require any changes, but it means that your life will become infinitely ordinary or even achieve nothing. It is precise because of this that I decided to go to the Philippines to work.

  My parents are ordinary migrant workers, and it is precisely because this reason that I can’t get any help, so after graduating from high school, I also went to work, delivering food, doing odd jobs in restaurants, and suddenly one day, I had an epiphany, why some people are very rich? Why some people can only struggle to make money because of the different directions they choose on the path of making money.

  I once had a long talk with a friend on WeChat about this issue all night. This friend told me that I could go to the Philippines and that he could arrange a job for me at the CG company where I work.

  Before going abroad, I also encountered many difficulties. I didn’t know how to apply for a passport, and I didn’t know how to buy an air ticket, but these difficulties were finally overcome by me.

  After arriving in the Philippines, this friend came to pick me up in person and helped me complete the onboarding procedure at CG company.

  The first time I saw this company, I was really dazzled. The decoration is very high-end and high-grade, and the office environment is very good. Our office building is 20 stories high. Before I came to this company, all the work I did require physical exertion. After I came here, I had a workstation of my own. The way to complete the work mainly depended on the computer. Work is not the same.

  The salary has also doubled several times. In the first month of working here, I received more than 40,000 yuan, which was unthinkable before. The accommodation conditions here are also very good. All kinds of electrical facilities in the dormitory are complete, such as a TV and washing machine, and the gym here is also very good, not only with various fitness facilities but also a swimming pool.

  The staff meal is also very good, you can see all kinds of pasta dishes, or you can cook your own rice. In the previous stage, I was worried that I would not be able to meet my needs in terms of diet after going abroad, but after I actually joined this company, I found that there was absolutely no problem with diet.

   The various types of team-building activities held by the company are also very diverse. In such team-building activities, in addition to tourism, there are various games. In the game session, the key issues involved in the work are compiled into Games. The process of playing games like this has taught me how to have better results in the development of work.

  In the second year of working in the Philippines, I have not only my own car but also my own house. The Philippines is a picturesque country with a lot of natural landscapes, and there are very good stores. All kinds of things are complete. The key point is that there are many places to relax after getting off work, such as bars. Nightclubs and more.

  As long as you have money, nothing is a problem. You can be born in poverty because you can’t choose, but you can never die in poverty. Dying in poverty means that you have failed in your life.

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