Survival of the fittest, no money, no blame for others

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   I used to be a penniless person, but I know that this is how society is now, there are certain standards in a certain society, and I also know what it feels like to be looked down upon when you have no money, so I try to change myself The fate of many people has no money, not because of lack of personal ability, but because they have no family support, but these people give up on themselves, this is their own fault since they have no money, they must find a way to make money, the fittest Survival is the king of this society.

  After getting the news that CG company has a job opportunity, I learned that the salary offered by this company is very high. Although I am in the Philippines, I also decided to go there. The scale of the company is very large. There are 20-story office buildings and staff buildings on both sides. The number of employees exceeds 700. The decoration of the company can be said to be tall, which shocked me at the time.

 It was not until I joined the company that I found out that no matter how luxurious the decoration of the company is, the staff hardly cared about it. Many other colleagues and I work hard. In fact, the company stipulates that it is enough to work 6 hours a day, but most Colleagues work more than 12 hours of overtime. The reason is very simple. This is really making money. Our basic salary is 15,000 a month, and the rest is performance pay.

  In the first month, I went, I earned more than 20,000 yuan. When I paid my salary, I was paid directly in cash. Some people even made more than one hundred thousand yuan. I saw the one who took the most money. I made 240,000, which also made my blood boil. Excited to see the table full of money.

  Until now, I still remember the salary I got when I first joined the CG company. The salary for the first month was 22,385 yuan. Since I didn’t catch up with the end of the month, I repaid the 13-day salary of the previous month, totalling 18,000 yuan. CG Just like in China, housing provident funds and unemployment insurance will be given. These funds are paid in cash according to domestic standards. There is no personal income tax. Unlike in China, I remember a friend who made 5,000 a month in China and had to pay personal income tax. I don’t know how to get excited when the salary is paid. After all, I have never made this kind of money in China, but compared with other colleagues, it is very small. Except for my least paid colleague, he earned more than 80,000 yuan. But that started to change in the second month; I made 76,000 in the second month and 84,000 in the third month.

  The most exciting thing is the occupational annuity. Since I joined the company for more than a month, the income of the occupational annuity has been only 238. However, some colleagues have worked here for four or five years, and the number of occupational annuities will reach more than 20,000. The longer the period, the higher the amount of the occupational annuity.

  It is precisely because they earn a lot of money, and under such stimulation, there is no need for anyone to supervise them. As long as they are in the company, they will work hard. Some people are so tired that they rest on their desks. A bit.

   It is precisely because of this very hard work that we try to relax as much as possible in our spare time and play some very exciting activities, such as surfing and travelling to various scenic spots. Our group of 7 people has 5 cars. RV, in the Philippines, we have all been to good tourist attractions.

  Sometimes I also go to nightclubs to relax. People really need to vent when they are extremely tired, but this kind of tiredness is worth it. In just a few years, my savings has exceeded 7 million.

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