During the epidemic, I lied down honestly

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There are always a lot of people talking about the word lying flat on the Internet, but in real life, there are a few people who can do it. The reason is very simple. We always have to eat and drink. It means that life is unsustainable. Although for many people, lying flat is indeed the right choice, in real life, it is difficult to do this, and I really lie flat, not Because I am an angry youth; the fundamental reason is that I have enough deposits in the bank.

   In two years, I spent nearly 1 million yuan. Some people think that I must be a rich or a rich second generation. In fact, my family is rural, not a rich second generation. All the money I spent was earned by myself, and some people may wonder, how long did it take to earn this money? It took me less than two years to earn this money, and my total income reached 2.47 million. Now I have spent 1 million, and I have more than 1 million left.

  What can I do to make this money? Many people think of doing business, but in fact, I just simply work for others.

  Where can I earn this money by working? Obviously, you can’t do this domestically. It is an indisputable fact that the domestic income level is limited. I earned this money by working in the Philippines.

  I was introduced by a friend to the CG company in the Philippines when I went abroad. At that time, I happened to be idle at home, and I did not expect to make so much money in this group.

  The office building of CG company has more than 20 floors. After entering the door, you can see the magnificent decoration of the hall, and the quality of the staff is very high. It is not the office area until you go to the 2nd floor. From the 2nd floor to the 17th floor is the office area. The number of workers exceeds more than 500 people.

  After joining the company, I was assigned to work in a department on the 4th floor. There are more than 30 staff in our team. The team leader first introduced me to the work benefits. My basic salary is 16,000 yuan per month, and the performance salary is Random; the task target of our department is more than 30 million per month. If the target can be completed, there will be a 5% department reward and a 10% corporate performance reward. Among the completed orders, each order can be raised. 20% performance pay.

  It may seem vague, so let’s just say my 1st month’s salary was 24,500, the 2nd month’s salary was 57,800, and the 3rd month’s salary went straight to 170,000.

   As long as you work hard in a CG company, you are willing to spend time and work hard; you will definitely be able to make money. These colleagues in our department are very hardworking, and they do make money. After making money, they are crazy hip.

   Shopping has become the norm in various large-scale stores in the Philippines. If you can’t finish eating, you will throw it away. I have also travelled many times to various tourist attractions in the Philippines. I like to drink a little wine, and I always prepare Maotai at home. Although I am not very cold about cars, I have also bought two brands of cars that are considered luxury cars in China. I have to say here that it is very cost-effective to buy cars in the Philippines. Because there are no such high tariffs, the price is lower than that in China. Hundreds of thousands.

  I originally wanted to go back to China to see my family and planned to stay for two months before continuing to work in the company, but I was delayed due to the epidemic. This stay is three years. It is difficult to go abroad now. I will wait for the epidemic to ease. Will go to the Philippines.

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