How do I make more money?

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  You must save most of the money no matter how much you earn. I think many people have heard these words when they were growing up, whether they are parents, colleagues, strangers, acquaintances, etc., they will tell us this, It is precise because of this reason that many people will work hard to save money, but this is not the case with me. If you earn money, you will spend it. Only the money you spend is money. Many people think that if I spend so much, I must have nothing. It’s not a penny; in fact, it’s not the case. Now I have saved more than 7 million, and I usually spend money without considering the consequences, how much I spend in my pocket, so how do I spend more and more money?

  The reason why I can do this is that I was constantly adjusting and changing. I first stepped into society. I was making sales in a real estate company. At that time, money was like flowing water, which also laid a good foundation for me. The customer base, in those years, I could earn seven or eight thousand yuan per month, plus performance bonuses, I could earn 13,400 yuan a month, but I knew that I had seen the peak in this industry, so I began to look for other Development opportunities, eventually went to the CG Group in the Philippines.

  The decoration of CG Group in the Philippines is very luxurious, which is much larger than the real estate company I have worked in before, and the terms and mechanisms are very loose, which gives me more leisure time. In CG Group, The amount of income from the initial 20,000 to 30,000 to now is now more than 100,000. The reason why I can do this is because of my personal efforts and because the company has very good welfare for us.

   No matter how much the CG company sells each month, it will share the profits with the employees. In addition to the basic salary of 8,000, the rewards for sharing are very generous. Each department has its own corresponding set goals, and each group also has corresponding goals. After reaching the corresponding target, you can also get 5% of the company reward, and you can get 20% of the profit for each completed order.

  I remember it very clearly. In CG company, I once received such an order. The total price reached more than 4.5 million. The company gave me a 20% profit share. Due to the large number of orders this month and this large order, My personal performance became the first in the department, and I received another 15% department reward. This month alone, my income exceeded 350,000.

   In daily life, I eat wherever I want to eat, and I go to play wherever I want to play. I have visited all the major stores in the Philippines. Since I am not used to drinking foreign wine, I drank Maotai and changed several sports cars. With this kind of spending, I still have more than 8 million on my bank card.

  There is a saying I have heard before, and I think it makes sense. Money is earned, not saved. Spending money is to relax your mind and devote more energy to your work. The ability to make money continues.

  Of course, the most important point is that you must choose a good company. There is a story that says this. I remember very clearly why Tang Seng went to the West to study scriptures, but he could not succeed if Sun Wukong was the leader of the team. This is because Tang Seng’s purpose is clear, while Sun Wukong’s purpose is not clear. Tang Seng knows that if he keeps going west, as long as the goal is correct, he will be successful. Therefore, it is very important to choose a good company. This is the first step towards success.

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