How did I go from nothing to a million a year?

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  I have seen many posts on the Internet saying that it is very difficult to earn 1 million yuan a year. In fact, as long as you choose the right goal, it is not difficult to achieve this. I have personal experience. First of all, I must analyze it carefully. Don’t believe those words on the Internet; what a street vendor earns one million a year when an anchor earns one million a year? These are all nonsense; without down-to-earth work, you can’t make money at all, don’t say a million; I’m afraid to even 100 yuan strenuous.

  Obviously, from the perspective of the domestic environment, if you want to make millions a year unless you have unique knowledge in a certain industry, it is impossible to succeed. I know that I do not have any professional ability, so I chose to develop abroad. The CG Group in the Philippines.

  There is absolutely no chance of luck in this because I know that CG Group has both fixed salary and performance salary. In the recruitment information, I found that the basic salary given by this company is 17,000 yuan per month, in addition to the performance salary. That is, how much commission you can get in this period for how many tasks you complete. Such a flexible salary mechanism can make money, and its basic salary is very high, so even if you lack the ability in performance mechanism, you can at least get it every month. to 17,000 yuan.

The CG company can be described as magnificent. At first, I was shocked when I arrived at the company. I even thought that I was in a high-end five-star international hotel, but when I got to the second floor, I found that the employees were busy working.

The reason why every employee works hard here is that the incentives brought by performance pay to employees are too great. Every time a business is completed, they can get 20% of the total cost, which means that The more orders you get, the higher the income you can get.

In the first month of employment, I completed 15 orders, which is relatively small, and the basic salary can reach more than 67,000 yuan. In the second month, my salary reached more than 90,000. Why can I do this? This is because the company does not let us conquer the world empty-handed. The company has channels to obtain various resources, and after obtaining the resources, they are all made public. Each of us has the opportunity to obtain such resources, and then through our unremitting efforts, we can obtain The corresponding list and can naturally get higher rewards after success.

After work, I just play. In the first year, I played all kinds of attractions in the Philippines, and I was reluctant to leave the city because there was nowhere to attract me, I was nostalgic for various nightclubs, and then I became addicted to Cars; I have replaced three cars now, including sports cars, Mercedes-Benz of famous international brands, famous cigarettes and wines, which are almost commonplace, such as Moutai. Whether it is in the company or at home, I keep a few bottles of Moutai small. Have a few drinks.

The reason why some people find it difficult to make money lies in whether the company you join wants you to make money and whether the boss is reliable. In a CG company, everyone earns money, and the boss earns part of it, but the bigger part goes to the employees. For this reason, in just a few years, my savings has exceeded 9 million yuan, and in the past few years in the Philippines, my expenses have also reached seven or eight million, and I have bought a house in the Philippines and also Bought multiple cars, life is like this, busy and happy.

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