Please take a peek at the weird things my turtle husband did

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   I graduated from 211 University. My husband graduated from a particular university in 211, like me. Later, because of his good grades, he was admitted to Stanford University. The reason why I chose him was entirely because of his excellent learning ability, but I never thought that he would make So many strange things come, and the result is that my career is ruined.

  Let’s talk about his family first. I have been to his house twice. To get to his house, I have to take almost all the means of transportation, first by plane, then by train, then by car, and finally by donkey cart for half a day. I had never seen such a poor place, but at that time, I felt that his personal learning ability was strong, and he would definitely do something in the future.

  So after graduating from senior year, he married him without hesitation. His learning ability is indeed strong. After graduation, he was directly admitted to Stanford University, but his living ability and learning ability were not proportional at all. After graduating from Stanford University, he was recruited into a Fortune 500 company, perhaps because he was afraid of poverty and showed all kinds of weird habits at work. Free cakes, and even secretly put these cakes in the pockets, and even took the instant coffee bags back to the customer’s company. As a result, I was fired from this company. Or the onboarding issue ended up returning home.

  He also has various types of strange behaviours in China. Anyway, he was fired from the company in various ways. As the so-called poor and lowly married couples grieve, the cost of living in a big city is already high, and he is unemployed. The two of us kept quarrelling. In the end, he did not know how to go to the Philippines. He originally thought that there would be no chance of turning over, but he made a lot of money.

  As far as I know, he went to a CG company in the Philippines and took a few pictures of this company for me.

It seems that such a company is almost incomparable to the Fortune 500, but to my surprise, in the earliest days of CG Company, he could earn 20,000 to 30,000 yuan a month, but in less than a year, In this company, his monthly income had reached more than 400,000 yuan, which is even more than when he worked in the United States.

   On the phone, my husband told me that in the CG company, there are more than 600 people working, and there are more than 20 people in the same group as him. They are not highly educated. There are only two college students in their group. It is even rarer to have overseas education.

  He has also changed a lot at CG. He told me that he had learned a lot in the company. He also learned how to deal with people in the process of getting along with colleagues. He also learned how to communicate with people in the company’s training.

  I believe that his ability to learn is very strong, and he has never learned about communication and interpersonal issues, which is why he looks so different. Now we are living a good life.

Sometimes I watch him sit on the balcony on the top floor of the villa, smoking lightly, and I always make fun of him. Stanford University is a vain study, and he still earns money with or without a degree. He told me that at CG company, many people’s salaries are even Able to reach 500,000 to 600,000 yuan; although he earns a lot, his salary is only up to the mid-level standard.

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