I gave my parents a big villa

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  In the past, I was the object of ridicule by my relatives and friends. Many relatives and friends would even say in front of me, you see, what’s the use of letting him go to this university? It’s not returning home. Maybe it was because they took care of my face; they didn’t say the latter sentence, that is, I went to college for 4 years and ended up going home to eat my old age. That’s true. After graduating from college, I found a simple job with income. It was only over 4,000 yuan, but my girlfriend didn’t ask me for too much dowry. We got married like this. We didn’t have a house, a car, or three gold coins. It can be said that this was a complete naked marriage.

  But when my child was two years old, I was laid off by the company, and my major was not easy to find a job, so I spent a year in a hurry. I couldn’t pay the rent, and I couldn’t pay the child’s care fees in kindergarten. In desperation, my wife and I both went home. As a result, my wife and children all depended on my parents, and my parents didn’t have a pension. So even though my mother was in her 60s, she still went out to work so that our family could eat, so I was laughed at. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to go to work, but that no unit could look at me, and finally, I gritted my teeth and found a Filipino company. At that time, I heard that the benefits at CG Company were very good, so I bought a plane ticket to fly directly to the Philippines without any hesitation.

  When I arrived at the CG company, I was very satisfied with the company. The decoration of the company is very luxurious and tall. There are 23 floors, of which 22 are offices. Our dormitory is in another building, and the working atmosphere is here. Very strong, you can make money as long as you work hard and spend your time.

I earned more than 25,000 yuan in the first month at CG and doubled my income in the second month. In the 12th month of the year, my salary also reached more than 89,000 yuan, and my bank deposits also reached 1.32 million yuan.

  As long as other young people go out to bars to the beach to have fun in their spare time, the price of goods in the Philippines is not high. If you go out to play once in RMB, it is only 700 or 800 yuan. Based on our income, every day, My income can even reach four or five thousand yuan or more, which is not unaffordable for me, but instead of going out to play like other people, I saved the money.

  I worked in a CG company in the Philippines for two years, and I never returned to China during the two years. By the time I returned to China, I had already deposited 7.62 million on my bank card. The first thing I did after returning to my hometown was to contact a real estate company. , bought a 3-story villa for his parents for 3 million and took his parents to the villa after returning home. They could hardly believe their eyes when they looked at the villa.

Yes, I have tested my ability with my own actions. If someone is gnawing old, it is not because he did not work hard but because he did not find the opportunity. After finding the opportunity, he will even give his relatives a comeback more than the average person. Many people are very contemptuous of the old people, thinking that they must not be able to get any results. In fact, some people who are old people are even better than ordinary people in terms of mind and ability. The reason why they don’t have jobs is that they haven’t found a job that you can look up to but don’t find a promising job. Once you find such a job, they will work harder than the average person, so don’t look at the old clan with coloured eyes; they have their hidden secrets.

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