Women have money to break the green hat; I seem to be a king eight

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  Now I am away from the crowd no matter where I go; I hide when I see people. There is no reason for him. It exudes Wang Ba’s anger, which makes me feel so embarrassed. As the saying goes, men are rich in money. It’s not just a man, but women have money to become bad.

  Some people say why don’t you find relatives to vomit bitter water? The reason is very simple. It is not someone else’s derailment but my nephew, which makes the breath of my heart very dull, and I can’t lift my head in front of relatives and friends.

  My nephew was 15 years younger than me. When I went to the society and started eating, he was going to kindergarten. At that time, my elder brother was sentenced to 20 years in prison for a robbery. I don’t know about the divorce. I haven’t been in contact for many years. Looking at the only nephew, I decided to bear the obligation to raise him.

  The wind came in the wind, and the nephew gradually grew to 20 years old. I was slowly old, but my wife and I were only 13 years old. I wanted to send him to an international school to study. The tuition was too high. It was me at all. I couldn’t afford it, and I didn’t know where my wife had found a relationship, so I decided to go to the Philippines CG company to develop.

  At that time, I was unreliable about how I thought about this and told her not to go. In case of being deceived, my wife said that in the current stall, there is no other way to do it except the backwater war. When I got on the plane, my heart was infinitely emotional.

  The result is that my wife is successful. Now I think it is better to fail. At least I have a complete home. My wife sent me back after I arrived at the CG Group. In WeChat, there are more than 500 employees of the CG Group. Their group worked very hard at work. The performance that can be completed every month has reached more than 20 million. And as long as each business is completed, it can reach a 20%division. If it is rated as a performance pioneer, you can also get 5%of the company’s reward. The wife said that he made 40,000 yuan in the first month. After working for a year, she earned more than 2 million, and she told me to return to China to visit relatives for a while.

   As a result, she got together with my nephew. I admitted that my nephew did inherit my brother’s gene, tall and handsome, but the boy did not consider my raising grace at all. In this way, he wore a knot for me. The solid green hat, remembering that my return to daily life was really boring, sent takeaway and also worked as a loader at the station. The life of the 88 -storey hell is like a little ghost under the waterway. I couldn’t stand up, but they did such a thing to me. My wife was my favourite, my nephew was my relative, and I didn’t expect the two of them to get together.

   My wife wanted to divorce me and said that she broke up 600,000 as compensation. No matter if I agreed with it, she left a 600,000 card and left. Last month, he married my nephew. I am strange; I know that my nephew’s person is delicious and lazy. Marrying my wife is undoubtedly to be able to share a little money. How can such two people get married? Forget it, think too much, how do they live a matter in the future, I just want to bring the children bigger.

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