The scum man becomes rich, and the cousin is loose to me

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  I have been married to my husband for 5 years, and my child is three years old this year. I thought that life would be like this. Such as water, but his life is still very solid, but he wants to make life richer, and he has not succeeded in doing too many business results. In the end, her husband resigned from the Philippines to develop.

Although working abroad to make money, they all went to Australia or something in the United States, so I felt that he went to the Philippines for a bamboo basket and water. It is undoubtedly very difficult to make money. I earned 18,000 yuan. When I told the news in WeChat videos, I almost couldn’t believe it. I earned more than 45,000 in the second month. My husband told me on WeChat that good days are coming. Most people can enter more than one million years.

The husband’s words are true. He did it here for two years, and when he returned to China, he saw that he had more than 27 million yuan in the passbook.

At that time, I was really excited. My husband bought a large house in this city, more than 120 square meters, and bought an Audi car. Her husband told me that he would stay in his house for four or five months, and then he would go to go and then go to go and go to go. The Philippines.

He said that the company he worked for was CG Group. The group company had more than 20 floors, and the number of employees exceeded more than 500. There are a lot of them. Her husband wants to make enough 78 million in the CG group, so it is expected that it will take two or three years to go to the Philippines for another two or three years.

As a result, I stayed at home for two or three months. My husband exposed his scum man in essence. It turned out that it was quite honest when there was no money, but now I start to be a demon when I have money. Extremely, I got together with my cousin; this was what I had never thought of before.

My cousin is an arrogant person. Although my husband is 1.78 meters tall, it looks very ugly. It seems like falling on the ground, making people step on a roast sweet potato. He, I think my head was kicked by a donkey. If I let myself choose again, I will never choose him.

At that time, my cousin ridiculed my husband and even secretly told me on the day of marriage that men like such a man must be too ugly. When you go out in the middle of the night, you can use his photos as a god. Essence

Just look down on a woman of my husband, but now I have got it with my husband. There are only one and countless derailments, so I did not give him an opportunity to divorce him. Now I think about it to agree to work in the Philippines. It is a wrong decision. Although in the Philippines CG Group, a rich life is likely not to be so wishful. Men deteriorate when they have money. This is really the truth. The more ugly men will do it more vigorously.

I didn’t feel any regrets. I have money and no money. I just hope that I can find a man who really treats me in the future. As long as you sincerely treat your children and me, no matter whether you have money or no money, just be happy. As the saying goes, it is true, but in today’s society, it is really love.

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