I earned 3.5 million and almost asked my wife to send me to heaven

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  As the so-called money has no money to knock down the hero Han, I have experienced this, so I am extremely afraid of poverty, but I only found a job on the construction site in the city. How turn over, in the end, under the introduction of a friend, I decided to go to the Philippine CG company.

  I have only been married to my wife for two years. Although I have passed the stage of paint, I am still very loving. My wife does not let me go away, but I think about it, instead of living a poor life, it is better to go to the Philippines to develop. In case I can earn money, I can earn money. To the money.

  The facts are the same as I think. After arriving in the Philippines, I found that the CG group is really large. There are more than 20 floors of office buildings. The employees have reached more than 500 people. Every 10 people are divided into a group. It reached more than 20 million. Just a dividend for employees, everyone can get more than 5,000 yuan. This is not the company’s performance division and the reward of outstanding employees. I earned more than 43,000 yuan in the first month of CG Group. Give his wife, but she was not happy.

  At that time, I felt strange about it, but I didn’t think deeply, and I didn’t expect her to betray me.

  In the second year, I earned 3.5 million yuan, and I caught up with the company’s annual vacation. I want to take a break at this time to take a good rest for a while and accompany my lovely wife.

After I went home, I found all kinds of weird. My wife’s mobile phone never let me touch, and I always answered the phone in the middle of the night and asked her who was my little sister at the time work, but I knew she had 4. There is no job in the year, and there are still people who can think of her, and even if they call in the middle of the night, it is her little sister, and she will not carry me.

  After many investigations, I found that she was ambiguous with Sun Lohan in our village. I never thought she would derail such an old man. Sun Lohan was 57. The eggplant was almost the same, and he did not expect that his wife would derail such an old man.

  Later, my wife confessed to this matter and told me that it was because she was too lonely. Sun Lohan often went to my house and asked warmly. But we have children, and I think this day is so endured.

  However, the man always had a little temper. I hit my wife for the first time, but she was hateful and secretly poisoned in our meal. A little bit will make people fly for nine days. Fortunately, my mother and my child did not drink the egg soup she made that day. My father drank it. The father was taken to the hospital that day and received a notice of the illness. I said that he wanted to call the police. At this time, the wife panicked and said that it was her poison. I never thought that I hit her. I even hurt my family. I originally wanted to call the police, but I thought that the child was still young and could not lose my mother; without the care of the mother, how should the child grow up? And my holiday is about to expire, and soon I will return to the CG company in the Philippines. It is the so-called unknown husband. My father’s post-illness treatment still requires a lot of money, so I can’t stop making money. The child is still young. It is old, no one knows the arrival of tomorrow and the accident, and I must be strong for them.

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