Feel the warmth of home even in a foreign country

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This is my first year working in the Philippines. During this year, I have met many people and many things in CG Group. I am very grateful to this company for giving me such an opportunity to exercise. I am very grateful to have met so many here. Dear colleague, I have continued to grow in this year. I have made a lot of progress in my work, and my vision has become wider. I have encountered many things that I dared not imagine or do before and have completed them. Things that I once thought were out of reach are also met here. I am very grateful to be here, I have become a better me, and I enjoy a better life and a higher quality of life.

   A year ago, I was a college student who just graduated. I came to work in the Philippines from my hometown. At that time, I just felt very far away, so far away from China. How could I reunite with my family? I was also very confused. Whether I can fulfill my dreams, whether I can live the life I like, all of this is unknown, but when I came here, I found that these are within my reach, I thank CG Group, thank you for giving me For this opportunity to grow, I thank my colleagues here to complete the project with me.

   On my birthday, I thought no one would know, because I never mentioned it to anyone, but on that day, the leader prepared flowers for me, colleagues and cakes for me, my best friend, Wearing a doll costume to celebrate my birthday, when I walked into the door of the company and stood at my post, I saw the moments they prepared for me and I burst into tears. Although there are no expensive gifts, this one is sincere Really too precious.

When I was in China, everyone used to talk about my birthday, but even if I would tell everyone when it was my birthday, few people could remember my birthday when it was really my birthday, but here , I never mentioned that the buddies I work with have been my leaders all know about my birthday and have prepared surprises for me. This birthday in a foreign country made me feel the company’s love for me, and I took this company as a part of me.

   At the end of the year, the company gave us foreigners a 15-day long vacation, and bought us a plane ticket home and prepared a big red envelope of ¥10,000 for us to go home and have a good year. I am really grateful to the company Can understand, the Chinese, what kind of existence for the year. Instead of rejecting foreign cultures, they accept this culture and demonstrate their respect for this culture with their actions, which is something that I find very valuable. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why CG is loved by so many employees. And the company’s monthly salary is very high, with an income of ¥30,000 per month, which is rare in China for an undergraduate student.

It is precisely because I have interned in the Chinese workplace and witnessed various imbalances and imperfections in the workplace, so when I worked for the company for a year, I really thank the company for giving me a sense of the workplace. A very good sense of experience, I have been working in a high-quality environment, and I have not had conflicts and conflicts with my colleagues, and I have not been unhappy with the company because of salary conflicts. Satisfactory salary.

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