Southern girls go south to the Philippines

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I am an undergraduate graduate. Since I have a dissertation about the Philippines to be published, I chose to go to the Philippines for an internship during the summer vacation. The girl from the south went south to the Philippines, interviewed a few times and couldn’t bear the heat, and was not very satisfied with most of the companies. When she was about to go home, she felt that she had to look at the Philippines again, maybe she would never come again, so when I was in the Philippines, I met CG Group when I was hanging out. When I saw the company’s door and appearance, I felt that I had to ask, so I gathered up the courage to walk into the company and fell in love with the office environment in a second and decided to stay. Down. As soon as I entered the door, I was attracted by the company’s flower sea. For the first time, I watched them up close in the cool room.

When I first saw that CG Company offers so many types of afternoon tea in the Philippines, I immediately thought that the afternoon tea of ​​the company I worked in before China only had some simple fruits, and some of the fruits had been left for many days and were already rotten. And there are no other drinks. If you want to drink some drinks, you still need to pay for them at the vending machine, but all snacks, drinks, and fruits are free here, and there are many kinds of them. Small desserts and some cakes. When I entered the company for an internship, I was surprised to find that although there is a gap between the salary of the internship period and the salary of the old employees, compared with the low salary of the internship period in China, the salary during the internship period here can be said to be very attractive, with a salary of more than 20,000 yuan. And I never dared to think that the internship period was in China, and it was an after-tax salary, which intensified my desire to stay in the Philippines.

And I think I like small animals very much. If I have spare time at work, I can see that small animals can really relieve the pressure of work in an instant. When I came to my office area, I was surprised to find that cute pets appeared. The cute girls in the office will come back after lunch to tease the little blacks, the greys and the whites, feeding and cleaning the room. It is rare to see a company that can raise such small animals. When I go to other departments, I find that everyone will raise a few hamsters and a little goldfish that is very much loved. It seems that keeping animals in the office is very disrespectful to us in China, but in the Philippines, you can do what you love as long as you complete the task on time and with quality. In order to make the office less dull, the company deliberately placed plants and flowers in the conference room, and the choice of each item was carefully selected by the company. The variety of plants needed to be both tropical and sustainable in a place like the Philippines. The flower utensils should conform to the overall design and have a little Philippine unique tropical style. And in the later period, the company also put some small musical instruments, tambourines and ukulele in the conference room, to add some lively atmosphere to the serious conference room. When we are overwhelmed with a meeting, there will always be a few people playing musical instruments at this time. Relieve our stress.

In a work environment like CG Group, employees are immersed in a high-quality environment to work, doing the thinking and focusing more on quality. And it’s where you can sit wherever you want and start your day’s work. As long as you are happy, no one will have an opinion. If you want a relaxed and free vibe, you can even get work done on this open-air balcony. This kind of free working environment is also what I have always yearned for. After all, in China, the leaders will talk to you when you are not working during working hours, but here, the leaders support your approach as long as you can complete the work. How can I not like this CG internship in the Philippines with such a two-way trust working environment?

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