When I came to CG, my life suddenly changed

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I have been working for two years, and I graduated from an ordinary one. In a small fourth-tier city, the higher grade in ordinary work is 26 years old. I was still in a fourth-tier city, trying to make money every day to change my mortgage, but I still couldn’t save any money. The opportunity came to CG Group in the Philippines, where I lived a life that I could never imagine as a child.

Before I came to the Philippines, I set up a street stall because my monthly salary was not enough. I still remember that the first 100 yuan was borrowed money. I went to the night market to set up a street stall to sell goods that night. 175 I have been smashed by the city manager, and I have also received the help of many kind-hearted stall friends. It is bitter and sweet. With a little accumulation, I can also gain a little money from the street stall, improve my life, and buy some delicious food for my parents. Give them a little more money. At that time, I never thought that I could travel and earn a salary of 30,000 yuan per month. I simply hoped to pay off the mortgage earlier and reduce the pressure of life.

Before I came to CG from the countryside, my wish was as simple as that, hoping that my life would improve and my parents could enjoy a good life. When I came to CG, my life changed all of a sudden. I never dared to imagine that I would also I can choose some things without looking at the price. I can also get up early to see the sea and then go to work. I don’t save money because of the mortgage loan of 5,000 a month. I don’t dare to spend a cent indiscriminately. 30,000 income,

I can finally let go of my anxiety. I used to work for a monthly salary of only 5,000 to 6,000 yuan. After paying off the mortgage, it was a problem for me to live until the end of the month. But now I don’t worry about 5,000 yuan anymore. At the end of the month, I can even go on a tour with my colleagues.

The employees of CG Group are like a family. Before I came to the Philippines, I felt sick when I was not feeling well when I was eating outside, so I would go to other colleagues’ houses to eat. They also welcomed me warmly. And CG Group’s business and operation planning are very clear, and the business process and operation are reasonable and reliable. Even in the absence of leaders, related businesses can be executed in an orderly manner and continue to create value for the company. CG company has various clubs, such as cycling, swimming, photography, etc., which allow employees to enrich their spare time and also increase the contact between employees across departments, laying a good foundation for subsequent inter-departmental collaboration. Leaders pay more attention to efficiency and don’t like employees who work overtime every day unless they can work overtime when the business surges at a certain stage. At other times, it is best to leave when they are off work, provided that you can get your work done during working hours. Such a relaxed and harmonious working environment is really impossible to compare with the previous work.

I don’t know what the upper limit of my life can be, but my current life is a future I didn’t dare to dream of when I was a child. I am grateful for the opportunity to meet CG Group, so I can live such a life.

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