Fall in love with the Philippines, Fall in love with CG Group

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I see the sea! The blue of the full field of vision: flawless, transparent, pure, melted into a colour that is only the colour of the sea! It is as delicate and soft as silk. My heart gradually calmed down. Not far away is the place where the sea and the sky are connected. The seawater rippling in my heart, leisurely and slowly, is indescribably comfortable. The sea breeze caressed my hair, bringing with it the smell of the fresh, damp sea; the waves hit the reef again with little force, like a joke among companions; Pulling the sea, the sea swaying in the wind. The sunset light fell on the sea, dyeing the sea golden. This is the sea in the Philippines at night. It is quiet but still alive. The stars have fallen into the sea. This is the seascape I saw through the CG Group building. The simple beauty is so heart-warming.

On the way home from getting off work, lush and prosperous green plants can be seen everywhere. Coconut trees in Southeast Asia are the best signs here. The company is located by the sea, and the geographical location is superior. When the sun sets, you can see the rising sun and the waning moon, and the full red sun is printed on the sea. It was imprinted on the glass of the company building. Through the glass, I could see the endless gentleness of the sea, sun and sunset. It was as if I broke the sunset. I was drunk with the wine of the evening, my face was flushed, and I did not forget my youthful ambition. I watched the sunshine on the company building. It looks like the light shines into our office area through the window. The neat work area is full of young people working hard. Maybe you will hesitate. The high-end office building here, the perfect company, and the world-renowned companies will really hire me. This nameless junior? Here you never have to worry about academic qualifications,

CG Group has different job arrangements for each academic degree, and they all enjoy five insurances and one housing fund to ensure that everyone has a satisfactory income. The social order here is stable, and I was worried when I first came here. Will I be in danger if I go out in the middle of the night, but the 24-hour security system and alarm devices are all invisibly protecting my safety, allowing me to let go of my inner defences little by little and to understand the beauty of this place little by little.

And my favourite is, of course, the cafeteria of CG Group. In the morning cafeteria, there are preserved eggs and lean meat sprinkled with chopped green onion.

Congee, there are all kinds of steaming steamed buns in the steamer, and the freshly ground soy milk is fragrant and delicious. The aroma of various breakfast foods is intertwined and lingering, but it will not make people feel violated. From this point of view, Bi Xiaoni said, “Only food and love can’t be let down.

“It’s not an exaggeration. It’s rich and good-looking, and it satisfies my stomach as a foodie.

There is also free soup and water, and the aunts and uncles in the cafeteria have a good service attitude. You can bring your own tableware or use the ones in the cafeteria.

There is also a TV in the dining area, so I can watch the news while eating. The most important thing is that the cafeteria is next to the dormitory, just a few steps from the door of the dormitory. The fly in the ointment is that there are few seats in the dining area. Difficulty finding a seat during lunch. All in all, I am really lucky and happy to be able to eat such a meal in such a foreign canteen!

Of course, people can’t just focus on eating. The point is to make money here. Let me show you my salary last month. Hey, don’t be envious.

CG Group is really trying to make every dream chaser in a foreign country feel the warmth of their hometown. How can I not love the working environment of such a big family?

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