I am grateful for this meeting because here, I feel the warmth of home

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I just graduated, and I’m a freshman. Fortunately, I joined a company with great benefits. The company is located in the urban area of ​​the Philippines. The company name is CG Group. This is an office. The building is very tall. There are also regular union benefits and union events, where you can gain financial freedom and retire with a huge pension. These benefits are complete and focus on employee development in all areas. I am motivated to go to work every day. Because what the company provides is what we want. What’s even more surprising is that the company provides us with various entertainment clubs, and the owner says that everyone is part of the company. Everyone here is very friendly; leaders and employees shirk their responsibilities and solve problems together. Everyone is equal. Now I am very lucky and happy! I am grateful for this meeting because here, I feel the warmth of home.

Every day here, I can eat a variety of food; there are face-to-face local specialities and some Chinese food. For example, Chinese steamed buns and fried dough stick Lanzhou noodles are really a kind of comfort in food for a foreign country, and you can see the local coconut grove in the Philippines on the way to work every morning after breakfast. When you are at work, if you are hungry, you can go to the rest area. The rest area has various local snacks and some small desserts. If you feel a little sleepy, you can also go to make yourself a cup of hand-ground coffee. Here are Complete infrastructure and high-end coffee machines with high-quality coffee beans. If you don’t want to make your own coffee, you can also grab a bottle of instant coffee from the refrigerator. Relieve the stress of work and replenish energy for the next work. And the company has also placed some small amusement facilities in the office. When you feel very tired, you can play with them and relax. You can go to the singing bar to sing a song and have a rest, or you can go to the outdoor balcony, blow the sea breeze and watch the seagulls on the sea, and let the beautiful sea view evacuate the pressure of work. You can also go to the gym downstairs to exercise. The gym is fully equipped. If you want to run, you can choose the treadmill facing the floor-to-ceiling windows and choose an appropriate speed for a run.

The benefits of CG Group are still good. In the case of the original salary ranging from 30,000 to 50,000 yuan per month, the insurance provided by the company can cover the reimbursement of spouse and children, and 100% of our outpatient clinics can be reported. There are also many vacations, and the annual leave sales policy was also introduced last year. For migrant workers in foreign countries, the benefits of buying a house and social security are very attractive. There is basically no cost to see minor illnesses in the CG Group. Every community has a medical office, and you can go directly to the doctor to get medicine. Supplementary commercial insurance is available for larger illnesses, and CG Group also has the benefit of buying insurance for their family members. I can probably buy three. The reimbursement amount is 20,000 yuan per person per year, and the reimbursement ratio is 90%. Such social security benefits are unmatched by most domestic companies, and CG Group is my ideal working environment.

Of course, these are the second things, and they are the icing on the cake. Whoever goes out is not to make a lot of money. So making money at CG Group is the key point. With my current income, I can retire after working for two more years.

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