Chinese have tasted love in a foreign country

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Chatting with a friend recently, I found that the Philippines he described to me is very charming, and he told me that the experience of letting him work in the Philippines is in his mouth; I learned that the CG Group in the Philippines has good employee benefits and high salary and complete security facilities. When I met him a year ago, he was still a migrant worker who worried about his salary every day, but a year later, when we met again, he was already a successful person.

his car

So, I became very interested in CG Group, and on his suggestion, I came to the Philippines. Under his guidance, I successfully completed the interview and was accepted by CG Group. When I first walked into the company, I was attracted by the inside story of the company. The facilities inside the company are perfect, even the cleaning aunt at the door Very enthusiastic, and the security personnel have always completed each security facility according to the rules, so I think the company must be very safe. Later facts also proved that CG Group is indeed a very safe and caring group.

When I communicated with the finance department, the salary they gave me was 30,000 yuan per month. I was quite shocked at that time because under normal circumstances in China, the salary for undergraduate employment is about 7,000 yuan, but here every month, With an after-tax salary of 30,000 yuan, I seem to instantly understand why my friends have changed in one year.

And the company provided us with various insurances and house purchase funds because the company knew that we were foreigners and also prepared some foreign policies for buying houses in the Philippines. Because there is no local medical insurance card in the Philippines, the company specially issued a special medical insurance card for use at the local hospital so that if we have an accident or get sick, we will have insurance to work in the Philippines with more peace of mind, and this insurance is It can involve family members. If the family members have some accidents during their trip to the Philippines or are sick, this medical insurance can be guaranteed.

    What impresses me the most is that some special Chinese festivals will be held here for Chinese people. Because every time we have some special Chinese festivals, we Chinese people will have a strong nostalgia complex. In order to alleviate our homesickness complex, the company will specially prepare some Chinese festivals for us and also provide us with Chinese festival food and The distribution of some benefits. According to my friend, the company held the Mid-Autumn Festival Mooncake Conference last year. Everyone in the company can participate in this event. The mooncakes made by everyone together taste the taste of different countries, but they are full of love, which also allows us Chinese to taste the taste of love in a foreign country.

And after you get off work, you can go to the beach with your colleagues to watch the sea or catch some fresh seafood during the holidays. Have a sumptuous seafood meal on the beach and enjoy the sea breeze blowing from the sea. If you want to go to a farther place, you can make a yacht and take a yacht to the distant sea to have a look. It is a different scenery. Thanks to CG Group for giving me this opportunity to have a satisfying job while watching the seascape in the Philippines.

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