When I came to CG Group, all of this was no longer what I thought; it became a reality

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I used to want to see the endless sea and endless sandy beaches. Under the sunset, the coconut grove swayed and reflected on the beach. I used to want someone I really liked to walk on the beach, hold hands and watch the seagulls fly by, want to find a shell on the beach and make a bracelet from the shell, and give this bracelet as a gift to someone I like. But at that time, I was busy with work every day. Every day was an endless task. Every trip could only be pushed and pushed again.

  When I came to CG Group, all of this was no longer what I thought, and it became a reality. I could watch the sea after getting off work, I could walk slowly by the beach, and I could watch the seagulls under the coconut grove.

I admit that I came here for an interview for the first time because of the high salary here and the monthly income of ¥50,000 is really hard not to be tempted.

But when I worked here for a while, I liked the working atmosphere here even more. My colleagues get along with each other friendly, and the leaders will not deliberately make things difficult for you. Compared with the Chinese workplace, the workplace here is not so much intriguing. Everyone is frank. Be yourself, get along with everyone in a friendly way, and make progress together. No one will fight for more salary for this project. Instead, everyone will work together to get a higher salary. If newcomers come to the company to report, old employees will not. It will have a high-level face, but will enthusiastically tell you some issues that need attention, will teach you how to use the tools in the company, will tell you where the best things are, and will not deduct you because you don’t work overtime. Salary, and you can leave as long as you complete your work within normal hours.

   If you feel a little tired during work, then you can go to the restroom next door to take a small rest, no one will disturb you for a while, no one will deliberately exclude you because you take a break, and the boss will not because of you Go take a break and deduct your pay, because they feel they can do their work more efficiently if they are in good shape, as long as they are able to complete the work at a high quality and within a reasonable time. In addition, the company has prepared various clubs for us, and we can raise some small animals in the company. For example, there is a fish tank with goldfish next to my post. When we are free, we can feed the small fish and relax. Relax.

   And for single partners, the company has also set up a farewell singles club. Here you can find a like-minded another half according to your interests and hobbies. The company will not suppress you because of falling in love but will support you to have your own life and your own love. Even an office romance will be blessed by everyone. , Compared with China, office romance is taboo in the workplace. In the Philippines, these have never been a problem. The company is people-oriented and hopes that everyone’s life will be colorful. I also hope that each of us can live a happy life, so I can feel the warmth of home every day in this company. They never simply treat us as employees but treat us as family members. Treat us well, which is one of the things that makes me happy living and working in the Philippines.

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