The CG Group in the Philippines subverted my cognition.

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After I graduated, I was looking for a job in a first-tier city in China, but because I was an undergraduate student and I had no work experience, I ran into obstacles everywhere. The salary of each company I consulted was very low, and the monthly salary was only about 5,000 yuan. But because I didn’t work for a long time and had no economic income, I found a job with a monthly salary of more than 5,000 yuan. I worked hard every day in a first-tier city and rented a small bedroom that was far from the company, and had to work two hours a day. , never dare to spend money indiscriminately, dare not to buy new things casually. This kind of life is really very uncomfortable. The pressure is so overwhelming that I can’t breathe. Until one day, through the introduction of my senior sister, I learned that the CG Group in the Philippines has a monthly salary of more than 30,000 yuan, and the company provides us with back and forth. The car and air tickets, as well as some accommodation expenses, can be reimbursed, and there is annual leave every year, so when I was all ready, I immediately arrived in the Philippines and came to the CG Group for an interview. Fortunately, after this interview, I passed right away and started an internship at CG Group. During the internship, the salary was 20,000 yuan per month. Compared with the previous income of 5,000 yuan per month, 20,000 yuan really made me very excited.

   When I came here on the first day, my sister took me to the cafeteria. The cafeteria here is very large and has three floors. Not only Filipino food but also Thai, Singaporean, and Chinese food; I hadn’t walked upstairs yet, I was already drooling at the taste of the food upstairs, and when I walked upstairs and saw the dishes placed there, I was even more greedy, but I still didn’t dare to take them casually, because I was afraid they were very expensive, I can’t afford it, but my sister told me that the staff cafeteria here is free, and you can take whatever you want, as long as you don’t waste it.

After hearing this, I was really shocked. The dishes here are so rich and complete, all of which are free. Even if it is an ordinary meal, for a company to provide meals for free is already a lot of expenses. But CG Group not only solved our catering problem but also provided us with high-quality staff meals without charging us any fees. This alone shows the strength of CG Group.

In addition, the staff dormitories are all single-bedded dormitories with complete facilities, and the male and female dormitories are separate buildings. There are security uncles patrolling, and each corridor is monitored. Here, you don’t have to worry about encountering danger, and in the dormitory Downstairs, there is also a convenient supermarket. If you have something to buy, just buy it downstairs. If you are hungry at night, you can go to the snack street downstairs to eat.

The company also provides entertainment venues for us. When you are on vacation, you can go to the KTV provided by the company to sing with your colleagues or go to the seaside to barbecue and drink beer with the company’s employees.

    I think the most humane thing is that the company grants maternity leave to every girl. Pregnancy is an unavoidable thing for a girl. Many women are afraid to get pregnant in the workplace because they know that once they become pregnant, they are likely to be The company is dismissed, but in CG, you don’t have to worry about this problem; everyone enjoys the benefits of pregnancy leave, you are paid leave for 10 months during your pregnancy, and the company will give you subsidies because I am a woman, so this is more attractive Me, I am also more willing to work in CG Group.

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