Thanks to CG Group for the opportunity

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  When I went home for the Chinese New Year to talk to my brother, I found that my brother’s work was not going well. When I asked him how much his salary was, he hesitantly said about 5,000. When I heard him say about 5,000, I was stunned. I thought we both graduated as ordinary undergraduates. If I work in China, my salary may not be as high as my brother’s, maybe only more than 4,000. But because I work in the CG Group in the Philippines, my monthly salary is about 50,000. When my brother and I were chatting about the mortgage, my brother lit a cigarette and shook his head. He said that the pressure is really great, not only having to pay the mortgage and Car loan but also worrying about some necessary living expenses for the children and the elderly at home. The living expenses of more than 5,000 a month are really not enough. I really hope that I can make a little more money by changing to a job. He said that now life is very hard every day, there is too much pressure in the company, and there are no benefits; even basic social security needs to be purchased by himself.

However, in CG company, the company will provide us with housing purchase funds, car purchase funds, and living allowances. The company pays attention to the physical health of each employee and organizes a physical examination every year. The content of the physical examination includes various aspects. If you have problems during the physical examination, then You can use the medical and social insurance that the company buys for you for treatment, and the subsidy for medical and social insurance is about 85%. And the company will also provide us with life benefits, such as providing us with some daily necessities, rice, soybean oil, meat, etc., and also provide us with some expensive fruits, fresh lychees with high-quality cherries, or some soy products. Dairy products and we will also provide us with some toiletries, shampoo, shower gel, laundry detergent, etc. Basically, the daily necessities companies need for life will provide us, so our living expenses are less. Compared with domestic companies, the benefits of CG companies are really the best I have ever seen. Working here has not only good benefits but also a high salary income, which is really a rare opportunity. Work.

   Because of the good benefits of the company, I have never worried about the mortgage. In fact, my brother and I bought a house in the same year. My house is a little bigger than my brother’s because I was already working in CG Group at that time. I already have a certain amount of savings. When I bought a house, I didn’t limit my choices because of the price. Now I also have a certain mortgage every month, but for me, the mortgage is affordable, so when I see my brother worrying about the mortgage At the time, I recommend my company to my brother; I hope he can come to work in my company because I know my brother’s workability, his workability is better than me, if he comes, he will definitely be hired and can earn more If you have more money, you don’t have to worry about the mortgage and car loan, but my brother is a little hesitant, because he has never been abroad, and he does not understand the Filipino language, and his English is not very solid. He was very hesitant, but I told him In the CG group in the Philippines, everyone is very friendly. Even if your foreign language is not very solid, everyone will not laugh at you. Instead, they will explain in detail and communicate with you earnestly. The first month of work will indeed be a little difficult because The language is different, but it will gradually get better in the future, and many places in the company will have Chinese logos because CG Group is an international company that uses multi-language logos for most public places, so don’t worry about the inconvenience of daily life, There are a lot of Chinese people from where they don’t understand something, and we can communicate in Chinese.

Later, my brother did come to CG Group. Now not only can I pay off my mortgage and car loan every month, but I also have a certain amount of savings, and my life is constantly improving. I am really proud of him and thank CG Group for the opportunity.

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