more empathy, more kindness

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Living in this world is not easy for everyone; you should be more empathetic and kind to others. Insurance products have no interest but have been patiently listening to his finish.

He also saw that I had almost no interest in buying insurance and suddenly collapsed while talking. He stopped talking about insurance but talked about his own life. He did not sell single insurance this month. If it goes on like this, he can’t even get the basic salary. The family rents and lives in a rented house with less than 40 square meters of room, where he, his wife, and two children live. The children have to pay tuition fees for school, and the Internet fees at home have not been paid yet. I don’t know how to deal with this damn life.

Hearing what he said, I answered him patiently that a person can only make money when he chooses the right direction. Now your life dilemma is not because you don’t work hard but because you don’t get the opportunity.

Hearing this, he looked at me gratefully and said thank you, but his eyes immediately became confused again, and he asked me, where can I get a chance? I am willing to suffer, but there is no hope.

I told him that he could go to work at CG Group in the Philippines. I used to be penniless like him. After arriving at CG Group in the Philippines, after working hard for two years, I bought this house and an Audi car. Now I can live comfortably.

He quickly told me that as long as there is a chance to make money, going abroad is not a problem, and I asked him to go back and wait for my call.

After that, I communicated with my former colleague and found that the group was still short of manpower, so I made an agreement with this colleague that I would send someone over.

Then I called the insurance salesman, and he was very excited to hear the news.

Going abroad is very cumbersome, and it took nearly a month for him to go to the Philippines.

In his days in the Philippines, he worked very hard, and I heard my colleagues say that he hardly relaxed and worked hard at any time.

Two months later, this friend called me for the first time. He said that the group was very large, and he took care of the food and housekeeping, and the food was very good. It was my credit that he was fortunate to be in this group. He said that he must thank me well; now his salary has reached more than 40,000 yuan per month.

I told him don’t be too polite. The reason why he can earn so much is because of his hard work. In fact, opportunities will appear in front of everyone’s eyes. It’s just to see if you can seize the opportunity. He can seize this opportunity. Own ability.

This friend who used to sell insurance told me that even if he could seize the opportunity, he must have such an opportunity, and he said on the phone that he must visit after returning.

People always have to work hard, but the direction must be correct in the process of hard work. There are many people who still live in poverty, not because they do not work hard, but because they have not found opportunities. If they can help these people, then I have to try my best to help. I used to be a low-level person, and I almost didn’t eat my last meal. If it wasn’t for a friend who introduced me to CG Philippines, I would still have no food and clothing, so I meet people who need help. I will always lend a helping hand.

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