Stinky child, wait for me. I’ll take care of you later

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My boyfriend was my neighbor’s brother when I was young. I still remember that when I was a child, I was his little follower. I followed his ass every day to ask for candy, but a gamble by my father made a huge change in my life, and that year, I was a freshman.

After moving to another city with my parents, I had less contact with him. At that time, I only remembered the hand that suddenly squeezed my face and the deep laugh that he had started to change his voice: stinky boy, wait for me, I will be in the future. Raise you.

After graduating from college, I joined a small company and lived a normal life. He, by chance, went to the CG Group in the Philippines. Since then, we have upgraded from a long-distance relationship to a transnational relationship, yes, yes, We are together. After graduating from high school, he secretly took out the pocket money he had saved for a long time to find me and pinched my face again: stinky child, let’s be together.

As usual, we had a video chat, and that was the first time I learned about where he works. It seems that it is not the same as my company. The lounge area is not a hard stool but a sofa that looks soft and comfortable next to the bar. The large floor-to-ceiling windows in the office area seem to be able to carry the dreams of every young person like stars outside the window. It seems to be a scene that only exists in TV dramas. His colleagues are also very friendly. Just kidding, the important thing is, my boy, the light in his eyes is so bright that it dazzles my eyes; I think he really likes this company, my boy; I hope he is happy.

When he reported his photo to me again, my understanding of this company was refreshed again. All kinds of drooling food were placed in a restaurant that did not look like a canteen. There is actually very friendly Chinese food! Poke the instant noodles in the bowl; it’s all life; why is the gap so big! When I was stunned, I received a call from my boyfriend, “Stinky boy, I bought you a plane ticket, come and accompany me in the future, I will support you” I sneered, “It is very expensive to support me! Better yourself, we will save the money slowly.” “Child, didn’t I tell you that my basic salary and commissions have almost risen to more than 100,000 a month?” I was at a loss for words, more than 100,000! I sigh again; why are you all working? This gap is too big! I just remember the word “Okay.” I silently spit out before finally hanging up.

When I fell into the familiar embrace again, my eyes were wet, but my boyfriend just squeezed my face, “Let’s go, stinky child, take you to the dormitory.” I was stunned; I always thought he was renting a house here. Could it be the cozy hut that I used to play videos with… Okay, I’m calm, and it was provided by the company. If I didn’t see it with my own eyes, I would really think it was a scam company, but! See it with your own eyes! The cafeteria, accommodation, colleagues, and the company with such good treatment are still a capital shock!

I know the ability of my boyfriend. He graduated from a non-famous university and has an ordinary second book. In China, he is almost like me as a small employee, but! He! Going to CG Group Philippines is really smart! !! And he pinched my face and told me that there are still many opportunities for promotion and salary increases in the future! Strive to make our baby become the second generation of Xiaofu in the future! When I think about the days when I rely on men to eat and drink, I feel, ah, I have no regrets in this life hahahahaha.

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