Fortunately, I found my real life

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As a girl who has just come into contact with society, I am really full of yearning for my work and future life. I consider myself to be a person with good ability and high spirits. I have received numerous awards and scholarships since I was a child. On me, when the fruits of my labor were stolen by my colleagues, when the lustful eyes of my boss wandered on me when cups of hot wine were poured into my throat, when I ate bread in a hurry every morning Squeezed into the bus that smelled of sweat when I dragged my tired body back to the dark and damp house with only a dozen square meters, I was really full of disappointment and decadence.

The thing that broke me the most was my mother, a sloppy middle-aged woman who once beat me and scolded me because of the unhappiness of my family of origin. She gave birth to me to protect my younger brother for the rest of his life. I couldn’t afford to give her a good life. I didn’t have the money to provide a down payment for my brother’s house. I even threw dishes beside me. The bondage of the family and the pressure of work gradually made me breathless. I was desperate. I want to escape; I think the future should not be like this, but how can I change the long-standing wine table culture, the intrigue, and the shabby family?

Sometimes I can’t help but wonder if I can live a less tiring life as long as I don’t live here, and finally, one day, I was unwilling to use all my strength to decide to leave this circle that has been bothering me for a long time, maybe God heard my sincerity in my heart I prayed that this opportunity was really met by a scarred me.

I came to the CG group in the Philippines alone. Some people may wonder what a girl is doing in such a remote place? How unsafe is it? In fact, I felt a warmth that I hadn’t felt for a long time here. When the kindness of strangers, the encouragement and guidance of colleagues, and equal and fair opportunities were placed in front of me, it was really difficult for me to refuse such a job. Many people’s impression of the Philippines is that it is poor and chaotic, but have the people who put forward this view really seen it, and have they really experienced the customs and customs here? Don’t use people’s general impression to affirm and deny a country; at least I really feel very happy and comfortable living here.

The CG group is also very friendly to us non-locals, and the commission and benefits are all the same. The whole group is like a big family. There are less slander and envy and more greetings of caring and caring, and the company provides catering. It is very delicious and nutritious to me, and I am not used to it. I even think that the safety of our company’s catering is much better than that of domestic restaurants!

The company provides quality accommodation for those of us who have no place to live, and the conditions and environment are also very relaxed.

In addition, the company will organize team-building from time to time. Everyone is very happy and free to get along with each other. In spare time, it is no longer a waste of time holding a mobile phone, but the most simple and sincere smile between people. There was no life-threatening Sanniang in the past; here, I am just me, the me who can enjoy life. For me, since I go abroad, it is natural to aim at making money and realizing my life value, and CG Group happened to build a bridge for me to achieve my goals. I have never felt that making money was so easy before. Deducting commissions, making excuses to deduct wages, bribery, and other dirty means and transactions do not exist here and even provide many opportunities for us to have more room for development and achieve a deeper life value.

Fortunately, I found my real life.

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