Be kind to others and be kind to yourself; I will remember this for a lifetime

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How to be happy, in fact there are many ways to be happy, but the most basic way is to worry about food and clothing. Therefore, it is very important to know how to make money. I think I broke up with my girlfriend because I had no money. I was teased in every possible way. If it wasn’t for a kind friend who introduced me to work at CG Group in the Philippines, I can’t imagine what my life would be like.

  In the CG Group, my monthly salary income reached 190,000 yuan, in addition to performance bonuses and year-end dividends, etc. I worked in the CG Group in the Philippines for two years and saved more than 6 million yuan. I took a long vacation and planned to return to China to rest for a while.

  In the Philippines, I drive a Land Rover. The reason I bought a Land Rover is that there is no high import tax, so driving this car has both power and can meet the needs of my own travel in the Philippines. I went to the 4S store for a while and was about to buy an Audi a6. I never thought about buying a luxury brand car in China because the import tariff was too expensive.

  After entering the 4S store, the guy who sold the car patiently explained some features of Audi models to me. After asking about my needs, he introduced me to an Audi a8. Although there is some price difference between it and the Audi a6, this car is really It was a perfect fit for me, so I paid for the car with almost no hesitation.

  Although I didn’t get along with this young man for a long time, I found that this young man was very kind and enthusiastic. In addition to talking about the car, the two of us also talked about some daily trivial matters. In the process, I learned that this young man is really not easy. , Although he graduated from college, because his major is Chinese and because major is not suitable, he has hardly found an ideal job after graduation. Now he sells cars in a 4S shop, and his income is not high only five or six thousand a month. Yuan, his parents are sick at home, and a younger brother is in school; all the financial pressure is on him.

  After learning about his current situation, I told him that I could introduce him to the CG Group in the Philippines. The guy was very excited after hearing it and said that as long as there is an opportunity to make money, it doesn’t matter what he does; even if he suffers hardships, he can persevere. Live.

  I put this guy on the plane a month later, and I hope we can become colleagues working side by side in the future.

  On the second day, I received a call from this guy. He told me that the CG Group in the Philippines is really good. He has never worked in such a large group. He brings a work card to work every day. And eats very high-end food. What makes him most happy is that the company manages it, and he can meet almost all his needs without leaving home. Now he puts all his energy into work.

  At the end of this month, the guy called me again and thanked me for giving him this opportunity. Now his monthly income is as high as 37,000 yuan. Although the nature of work is different from selling cars, they are all sales, so here He has a foundation in his work at one level.

  I gave roses, left incense in my hand, and introduced this work to the guy. I was very happy in my heart. I think back then, if it wasn’t for my friends who helped me, I would still be screwing screws in the dark in the factory now. I drive a luxury car, live in a luxury house, and life is infinitely beautiful.

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