Reality won’t give me special care just because of filial piety

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Sometimes I wonder if I am lucky or unlucky. Let me tell you my story today, and let’s see if the luck is good or not.

After graduating from school, I worked for 8 years, and I still received a salary of 3k. To be honest, I was basically the worst person in the class after graduation.

All my classmates went to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen, but I went back to my hometown. It’s not that my ability is poor. It’s just that my parents are my only son. I really can’t bear to be so far away from home. As the saying goes, my parents are not traveling far, and if I get used to being outside and can’t bear to come back, who will care for my parents.

Although I have filial piety, reality will not give me special care just because of my filial piety. Because the major I studied was in a small county like my hometown, there was no professionally matched job at all, so I could do the same job as other people without a degree.

Eight years! Eight full years! I’m 30 years old soon, and I don’t even have a partner. Blind date, several girls are blowing.

My parents also scold me every day for being incompetent. Sometimes I feel really embarrassed when I think about it. If I hadn’t been worried about their second elders, I might have bought a house and a car in Beishangguang now.

I finally realized that filial piety is not enough; you have to be rich, have a woman, and have a face. The so-called honoring one’s ancestors and honoring one’s ancestors is so poor that parents feel ashamed.

Although I was determined to make a difference, I had completely forgotten my professional skills in 8 years. But fortunately, I have always kept in touch with a good brother from the university. He went to the Philippines to make a lot of money a few years ago, and now he has returned to China to open his own company. He recommended I go to the company he worked for in the Philippines and let me make enough money, so I went back to my own country to start my own business. I think it’s right if I go to make money by physical strength at my age, when will I be able to earn enough!

Although my parents were extremely opposed, I made up my mind to go abroad. Their anger today is only temporary. I know very well that as long as I make money, they will have nothing to say. In this money-aware society, parents are the same.

The company introduced by my brother is the well-known CG Group in the Philippines. With the introduction of a good brother, I went directly to the company, and it was exactly as my brother said a clean and spacious dormitory and a rich and delicious canteen. The point is it’s really good money. 1W a month? 2W? I think most of my friends who work in China think a lot, but I got 5W in my first month here!!! Can’t believe it? I couldn’t believe it myself, But when the salary was paid, I couldn’t hold back my inner happiness, so I went to the bar with my colleagues to have a good night.

80,000 in the second month, 150,000 in the third month, and I earned 950,000 in half a year. I’m not very ambitious; I think the money is enough for me to live in my old home. Just when I was planning to return to China, the epidemic came! So I continued to work in CG Group while waiting for the epidemic. Who would have thought that the epidemic would last for more than two years? I really want to go back to my hometown, and I have earned more than 8 million in the past two years. I feel that I will not worry about food and drink in my next life, and I have made enough money.

So I bought a high-priced air ticket to return to China, quarantined, quarantined again, transited to several places, and finally returned to my hometown. In order to surprise my parents, I didn’t go home immediately after returning to China. Instead, I stayed at the hotel first, bought a BMW 5 series at the 4S store, and drove home after picking up the car when I saw the expression the moment when I got off the bus and the eyes of my parents when they saw me, I knew that I did not go wrong in this trip to the Philippines! Three aunts and six grandmothers rushed to introduce me to people; I have become a promising child in other people’s mouths. The reality, that’s it. So, men want to make money.

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