Believe in others to surpass yourself

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I once felt hopeless because I felt there was no hope in life, but a friend helped me. After that, I traveled across the ocean and went to work for the CG Group in the Philippines. For three years, I made a full 800 yuan here. Duo Wan, after returning to China, bought my own property, bought a house for my mother, and bought a car. Since then, I have lived a worry-free life. Why didn’t I go back to the CG Group in the Philippines? There is no end to making money, and I don’t want to spend too much time on work when I can play.

In a blink of an eye, more than two years have passed, and I have traveled all over China. Sometimes when I am tired, I will find a pond to fish in. I also plan to return to the CG Group in the Philippines to continue my work. In the past two years, I have met three or four people and given them opportunities, but only one of them seized the opportunity.

This friend who was helped by me also went to CG Group, where his salary was even higher than mine, reaching more than 150,000 yuan per month. His personal ability is very outstanding, but when I met him Among those people, he was not the best; why is he the only one who succeeded?

The reason is very simple, that is, trust in people. I have talked to these people, and I can give them the opportunity to help them go to the CG Group in the Philippines, and said that I used to work there, but most of these three or four people think that I am bragging, Some people think there must be some motive for me trying so hard to help a stranger, so they don’t believe me. Only one guy took my word for it, and it was this guy who went to CG Group in the Philippines, where he was as successful as I was.

This guy once called me and said that the atmosphere in the CG group is very strong. The group organizes several team activities almost every month to expand or travel. Anyway, it is very happy, and the group will Share all the resources with them, even the newcomers have a lot of resources to use, and the monthly salary is more than tens of thousands of yuan. He said that he hopes to make 1.5 million yuan this year.

If you tell it to someone you don’t know, it is very likely that some people think he is bragging. How can he earn 1.5 million yuan a year just by working part-time? But I know that what he said is true. The reason why I have this understanding is that I used to work in the CG Group in the Philippines. It is really easy to earn more than one million a year here, as long as you are willing to. If you spend time and work hard at work, you will be successful. This is because there is almost no consumption in the CG Group in the Philippines. Western-style food, but also Chinese-style food, each of us is allocated a room, although it is a triple room or a double room, it is much better than the accommodation conditions outside, has not only independent shower facilities, but also has various All kinds of home appliances can be used, and working in CG Group means that you can save money completely, and you hardly need to spend a penny in your daily life.

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