Money is the noble, the noble of all.

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What does it mean for people to make money? I am not a literati, and I don’t do academic research, but I always think about this question in my spare time to make money. In the end, the result of my own realization is that making money is for spending.

In the past, when my income was low, I was reluctant to spend money. I was afraid to pay two or three hundred yuan for dinner and a few bottles of beer with my friends because the money was too hard to earn. Fortunately, God took good care of me and made me a dog. The shit went to the Philippines.

I didn’t want to go to the Philippines myself; it was a business trip outside the company. I objected, but my boss arranged for me to go to the Philippines. As a result, I learned about CG Group there, so I resigned from my original company job. Work in the Philippines.

It’s been less than two years; money is no longer a worry for me. It’s a rare time to come back to China. I invite my friend who always invited me to dinner, and goes to the most luxurious bar in our city for the most expensive drink. ‘s wine.

A few men were too boring to drink. I even asked the little girl from the bar to drink with me. I drank it until more than three in the morning. I couldn’t drink anymore, and I was tired, so I took my little girl to eat snacks together. My sister was fed a little bit by us, and she even started crying, saying how hard and tired they were at work, their stomachs were bleeding, and they only earned more than 10,000 yuan a month. I laughed when I heard it and said casually, like this. It’s hard work, then mess with me, just 100,000 a month.

Not only did that little girl really want to go with me, but even a few of my friends wanted to work with me when they saw how rich I was now. At first, I thought everyone was talking about alcohol and didn’t care too much. , Unexpectedly, they really came to ask me this question the next day. I specifically asked our director, and the director said that they were still recruiting people, and they also trusted me, so I took them all over.

When I returned to the CG Group in the Philippines, the director joked when he saw me was on vacation or on a business trip and even hired so many people for me when I went back.

I took them around the company. To be honest, the company is so big that from the very beginning, their eyes are wide open, their mouths are wide open, and they look like they are too surprised. But this is also normal; There are more than 1,000 people in the company, which is not comparable to ordinary small companies.

Just at lunchtime, I took them to eat in the company canteen. The company canteen is the most worthy of showing off and the place, like the cafeteria in the hotel, they were the same as the first time I came, and they all burped. They are gone, don’t eat so much, from now on there will be every day, not just one meal, so why eat so hard.

Then they arranged a dormitory for them with the company of the executive. When they entered the dormitory, they were very happy, especially the little girl; he said that when he worked in the bar, there were 6, 7, and 8 people in a room, all with iron canopy beds. Dirty and messy, unlike here, hotel-style apartments, there are usually aunts to do hygiene.

When they just came to the Philippines, they must go out for a walk. Anyway, there is still a whole afternoon to take them to experience the local customs here.

They got paid for the first month of work, and they insisted on inviting me together, treating me as a great person in their lives one by one.

In fact, where am I a great nobleman? Money is the nobleman and everyone’s nobleman. If you have money, you don’t have to take your life to make money. In fact, many times, people earn hard-earned money and hard-earned money because they are in the wrong direction. If a bird lives in a tree, people naturally have to find a good company to work for. If I hadn’t met CG Group, maybe I would still have been scolded by the leader for sixpence.

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