How many people have ever dreamed of being able to travel the world?

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How many people have ever dreamed of being able to travel around the world? Maybe you who are reading my article have thought so, and you are still looking forward to it. One day, I won a first-class lottery ticket, and then I traveled around the world in various ways.

Maybe I have a plan for my life. I wanted to travel around the world as early as high school. At that time, my uncle worked as a waiter on a cruise ship. Every time I came back from vacation, I always talked about the local customs of various countries. Since then, I have been determined to travel around the world. So I applied for the major of engineering, not because I have an opinion on waiters, but because I don’t like to communicate with people, and I don’t like to work in the service industry. I think it’s very good to be a mechanic, All right. Just do your job well.

After graduating, I became an ocean-going mechanic. In a few years, except for the Antarctic and the North Pole, other continents and oceans seemed to travel all over the world. Many friends asked me how the salary in this industry was. The salary is much higher, and it is much lower than other foreign jobs.

Let me tell you an example from my side. A sailor who boarded the ship with me worked for two years. He once passed by the Philippines. I don’t know where he came to know about a company called CG Group. Since he got in touch directly, Then, as soon as the contract expired, he flew to the Philippines to work. In his words, he had a high school education. Although he had more than 10,000 as a sailor, it was difficult to get promoted due to his limited education, let alone a first mate and a second mate. One of my high school classmates made a lot of money there, so he thought it might be better to change jobs.

When I first went there, he showed me the company’s canteen and dormitory every day but didn’t say the food is really good, but I think that the company spends all its money here, so the salary should not be too high. But he is the first Monthly hair company that put me in shock, really TM to make money. Converted to RMB, 80,000 a month! Can you believe it?

This is what I said; the salary is high, it is much lower than other foreign jobs. Besides, this is only his first month’s salary, and according to him, basically no less than 100,000 per month. Because the relationship between the two people on the ship was relatively good at the time, he kept encouraging me to quit my job and make a lot of money with him. To be honest, I was tempted, but my ambition was to travel around the world, and in the end, I declined his kindness.

But my salary is low, and it is much better than that in China. Generally, after graduation from college students, unless they enter a large factory, the salary may not exceed 20,000 after working for a few years. I am now almost 30,000+, so compared to domestic, I Much better. The point is that I can make money and travel the world for free.

Freighters like us can only make a small amount of money. If you want to make a lot of money, just like my sailor friend, go abroad and find a company like CG Group in the Philippines to easily make a lot of money. Live a luxurious life.

Of course, if you don’t like to make big money, you think it’s enough to make a little money, and you like poetry and distance, you are not afraid of hardships and fatigue, and you want to travel around the world and experience the local customs of various countries, then welcome to join us. …

By the way, we run a cargo ship not as much as working in the city like CG Group; we are basically men, single guys can’t stand loneliness, we still go to companies like CG Group, it is said that there are many beautiful women. We are a group of monks. Haha. Or go to work on a cruise ship, it is easy, and there are girls there, but the salary is a little bit worse, and there are things to do at work, unlike our freighter, you can sleep every day when you have nothing to do.

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