There is no irony and belittling here; there is only warmth and joy

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From childhood to adulthood, my every move was a child of someone else’s family in the mouths of my parents. I thought it would always be smooth sailing, but the reality of the blow taught me a lesson.

As a graduate of a heavy-duty university, I think of myself as a superior person, but when I expected a salary of only 8,000 yuan during the interview, the interviewer said, “Why are you higher than others? Your ability is only a child’s play. The family thinks they are outstanding, their qualifications are not comparable to those of the company’s seniors, and their abilities are not comparable to that of Tsinghua University and Peking University.

I was stunned. This machine gun-like output caught me off guard. Eight thousand yuan, I thought it was not too high. Now I don’t need money for food, clothing, housing, and transportation, not to mention the 8,000 yuan salary for graduates in big cities. Is it really a luxury? I couldn’t help but fall into self-doubt. “The salary offered to you here can range from four to five thousand. If you accept it, I hope we can have good cooperation.” Oh, I know that there is a discriminatory chain when looking for a job. Doctors don’t like masters, and masters don’t like undergraduates. I don’t like two or three books, and ordinary undergraduates don’t like junior college students, but in such a big city, with a salary of four or five thousand, does it really allow me to live?

Yes, I didn’t accept it, turned around and left, and I felt that the future was deeply lost. The thought that came up by chance, “Since I can’t find a suitable job here, why don’t I try elsewhere?” I took a short vacation in South Korea, Japan, France, and Canada. In fact, I didn’t think at the time that my destination would eventually be in a country like the Philippines that was backward in the eyes of others.

Is the Philippines as poor as a slum? Please, are you still alive before liberation? It can be considered that the development is booming, but the CG group I am here has won my first pot of gold,

Different from the 8,000 expected in China, it has more than tenfold. Yes, read it right; it has increased tenfold! More than! What attracted me at first was its high salary. For a student who has just graduated, it is really a blessing to have such an opportunity!

After joining the group, I slowly began to enjoy this kind of life, relaxed and comfortable.

Now what attracts me is not only the excellent salary but also the warm working environment. Sitting in front of the clean and tidy desk, it seems that the air has become a little fresh, and the soft sofa in the lounge area is really the best for relaxation. The location, the smell of coffee wafts around the room, and chatting with colleagues is also very comfortable. When I came here, I was amazed by the environment and diet of the canteen. Is this really the specifications and configuration of the canteen? It is not an exaggeration to say that it is comparable to a star restaurant! All kinds of food and specialties from different countries seem to be enjoyed without going out.

I have to say that the company’s consideration is also very thoughtful. I am very happy to have friends from afar. I actually felt this enthusiasm in a small foreign country.

Not only the food but also the accommodation is arranged by the company. It is not like a few people in China squeeze the bunks of a house, but a single room. Yes, that’s right, an apartment is like a rented house. I feel the joy of life; there is no irony and belittling; there is only warmth and happiness.

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