Seeing that my work was not satisfactory, I had the idea of going abroad with my best friend

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 The domestic education industry is really getting harder and harder. In the past, I could make some extra money every weekend, but since the double-reduction policy came down, the after-school tutoring class couldn’t go on. Not to mention the lack of students, the main reason is that the salary is not satisfactory. When I was at a loss, my best friend gave me inspiration.

  Some time ago, my best friend returned to China to visit relatives, and we had a meal. My best friend said that I used to have my own dreams, but now I am doing a job that never sees the light of day. Why is it a job that does not see the light of day? In the past, I fantasized about going to a big city, having nightlife after getting off work, and being able to eat, drink and have fun. But now, look at how far away from your goal is, really.

  My best friend is studying at a university in the Philippines. Every day after school, she passes by a very luxurious-looking company called CG Group. She is very envious and wants to sign up to work in the company after graduation.

I understand my girlfriend; the salary must be very generous. Otherwise, she would not be able to treat herself badly. Seeing that my work was not satisfactory, I had the idea of ​​going abroad with my best friend.

My girlfriend said that the company pays a lot of money, and the monthly income is ten times higher than my original salary, which is 50,000 a month! Compared with my salary in China, it is really fragrant. There will also be team building in the company. When I think of having a meal with the handsome brother in the company, the corners of my mouth naturally turn up.

The company doesn’t work overtime either. When I get off work, I can go to dinner with my girlfriends and start my nightlife. At the end of the year, there will be an annual dinner or something. It sounds great, and it fits my yearning for a better life in the future. The company is mainly small brothers and sisters, and they get along very well, and their peers may have more topics.

  My girlfriend’s favorite is the company’s canteen. That big canteen really looks gorgeous. It is no exaggeration to say that it is not a canteen, but a restaurant. The company canteen has three floors and is divided into three halls. One of the most luxurious restaurants is the Big Banyan Restaurant. What octopus balls, Orleans grilled wings, all kinds of mousse black forest cakes. And my favorite milk tea that I want to drink every day. There are also many types of company meat, and people like me who only eat beef can enjoy it. Best of all, it’s all free!

  Oh yes, and the most important point, the accommodation. I heard from my best friend that the company’s accommodation is a double room, isn’t that exactly what I want? When I think about living with my best friend in the future, my heart is very excited. Two double beds, separate bathrooms, and a small window from which you can see the colorful world, which is really what I am looking forward to. The room has a small wardrobe, which is enough for my girlfriend and me to put all the clothes in. Don’t work overtime on weekends! Go see the movie Chi Chi Hot Pot; time is free. I thought this kind of life was good enough, but my best friend said that the company has a big entertainment venue, including a badminton hall, a table tennis hall, and a super-big swimming pool. For a swimming enthusiast like me, Simply heaven on earth.

  Under the crazy output of my best friend, I successfully delivered my resume and quickly got an invitation letter from the company. Now I can go and prepare my ticket to fly to the Philippines.

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