There will always be thorns on the road to success.

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The reason why I chose to go abroad is that there is almost no way out in China. After the epidemic, the working environment in China has become very bad. Although the news is always talking about the employment rate, I am deeply puzzled about this. There are 10 people around me. Seven of my friends lost their jobs, and I also interviewed for several jobs in succession without success, so I had to go abroad and fight against the odds.

At first, I chose to go to a Japanese farm to work through a labor service company. Although we did not need to apply for a passport by ourselves during this process, the company helped us to do it. However, after arriving in Japan, I found that the salary that I could get every month was equivalent to The RMB, only more than 10,000 yuan. Later, I found out that local people do this kind of work. Converted to RMB, we can have an income of 40,000 to 50,000 yuan. Our money was deducted by the intermediary company. I worked there for more than a month. I chose to return to China, and I can no longer be exploited like this.

The second time I went abroad, I chose CG Group from the Philippines. This was introduced by a friend. I have no idea what kind of treatment I would have when working here, but how can I get opportunities if I don’t go abroad? Since there is no foreign-related labor service company to go abroad this time, the passport I applied for myself was not completed because it did not meet the qualifications locally. I went directly to Sichuan to go abroad and flew to the Philippines from Sichuan.

After arriving in the Philippines, I felt at ease when I entered the office building of CG Group. The office building here is very luxurious, and the number of staff is very large. It must be very formal. I did not encounter any problems during the onboarding process. I made a record, and there are still many problems to be solved at work. Fortunately, the company has many group activities. These types of activities are all tourism, etc. During this process, I learned about the customs of the Philippines and had a good time. I am happy and have closer contact with my colleagues, which is very helpful for my later work.

Here is a summary of the places to play in the Philippines.

Boracay: The second largest beach in the Philippines, famous for its shiny puka shells, which can be found on the beach after the tide goes out.

Apo Island Marine Reserve: cute sea turtles and beautiful underwater scenery.

Baishengtan Waterfall: world-famous, beautiful scenery, thrilling and thrilling rapids rafting. The natural scenery of Baishengtan River is beautiful.

Marcos Memorial Hall: Located in Batac, the second largest city in northern Luzon, it is the former residence of former Philippine President Marcos, also known as the home of heroes by local residents. It was then converted into the present memorial hall. Here you can pay homage to the remains of Marcus and learn about his administration and achievements throughout his life.

Palawan Museum: Palawan Museum is located in Puerto Princesa, Palawan Province. It was established in 1991 and is a center for collecting cultural relics related to Palawan history. The museum is divided into anthropology, archaeology, biology studies, ethnography, and history.

After all, the Philippines is much smaller than China. There are not so many places to play, but there are not so many people. Playing outdoors makes you feel very relaxed. The biggest gain in the Philippines is the salary you get from working in the CG Group. The treatment is very high, and my average monthly income here is more than 75,000 yuan. Suppose you are in China; even if you are tired and vomiting blood, it is difficult to find such a job. The company gives us free board and lodging. The accommodation conditions are very good. Two people share a room, and the diet is also very good. The food is much better than the food in China. I plan to work here for a long time. When will I make more than 5 million yuan and return to my country?

  I am very pleased to be able to work in CG. Although I encountered many problems when I went abroad before, and I was frustrated in Japan, how can there be no thorns on the road to success? As long as I have confidence and do not despair, I will be able to succeed.

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