Met my girlfriend on a trip to the Philippines

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As a surgeon who is used to seeing life and death, it should be my greatest joy when I see my patients getting better little by little because of my treatment. But a medical accident made me wonder if my decision was the right one. In fact, things weren’t very complicated.

At that time, my patient was an old man in his 80s. It was a minor operation, but the recovery time after the operation still needed to be taken care of. However, the old man came to visit occasionally with a son who looked grumpy, and every time he came, The purpose was to ask for money! Once when I was doing a ward round, I heard, “You can’t die if you don’t have much money. If you still get sick, this money is so good for me. Whatever hospital you come to, you won’t be able to live for a few years anyway.”

At that moment, I seemed to see the bitterness in the eyes of the old man. When I should have turned around and left, I couldn’t help but say, “No matter what, he is also your father, and he is still recovering after surgery, so you should treat him well. One point, take good care of him.” Just this suggestion somehow annoyed the old man’s son, who pointed his nose at me with excitement and even prepared to wave his fist at me.

I have never seen such an unreasonable person in my career many years. The corridor was full of patients, doctors, and nurses, some blocking him, some comforting me, and finally, I was pulled out of the crowd circle.

“It’s not your responsibility for the medical trouble this time, Xiaoyi; you should rest for a month before going to work. It’s alright, we will negotiate and resolve it, and it will be fine when they are discharged.” I nodded bitterly; for the first time in my life, I was forced to take a vacation. Under such circumstances, I plan to drag my depressed mood and tired body out for a walk and relax.

By such an accidental opportunity, I chose to take the plane to the Philippines. The next seat was a young girl who looked very temperamental. As an unmarried man who has been single for a long time and devoted himself to work, I silently bowed my head; who knows who is next to me. The green jade hand gently touched me, “Hey, handsome guy, do you have a girlfriend?” In this way, our journey was not boring, and we even had a good conversation. I told her about my disappointment, and we learned that She works in a company called CG Group in the Philippines. This time she returned to China because her brother needed to attend the marriage. I silently sighed that it is really difficult for a girl to be alone, but listening to her words; she praised the company. I’m even more curious about what kind of company is so attractive, “I came here to make money at first, and I was very afraid of being cheated, but when I was young, I always want to come out and make a breakthrough.” Full of energy I haven’t seen in a long time.

She took out her mobile phone and shared her daily life with me. The meals and accommodation provided by their company are not much better than ours! The small single room that looks warm and the meals that make people’s appetite are also out of my reach. Not only that, but her life is also very colorful, not only working in a spacious environment but also very relaxed and comfortable. And the team building and travel from time to time are what I envy. What surprised me the most was that in our follow-up mutual understanding, I found that the salary of this little girl actually exceeded that of me, who was already the attending physician. I also have an annual salary of 300,000 yuan, but compared to her, it seems like a big deal. It makes me think that this CG group is really not an ordinary group.

Forgot to mention, this girl who made a million easily is now my girlfriend.

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