I’m not short of money; when you get better, I’ll call you dad

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I am a sinner, but I have a wonderful daughter, although she never admits that I am her father.

She hates me.

Many years ago, because of my divorce from her mother, she was brought up by her mother. That woman never let me see her daughter, but I am just such a daughter. Once upon a time, I secretly followed her after school just for the sake of Looking at her silently, listening to her secretly, and secretly seeing her smiling face. I also thought about rushing up to hug her and asking her if she wanted her father. But I didn’t dare to go forward because I was afraid she would tell me that she hated me.

In addition to setting aside my own money for meals every month, my salary will be given to the child’s mother as child support. I don’t know how she told her daughter, and maybe she never mentioned me, but I still thank her educated my daughter very well.

Later, when I fell ill, I called my son’s mother and begged her to let me see my daughter, “I haven’t seen her for so many years, and I don’t need to see her now.” But who knew the voice on the other end of the phone? It’s my dear daughter; yes, I know she blames me, I want to explain, but all that’s left is bitterness blocking my mouth.

Forget it, as long as she’s doing well.

Finally, I lay on that hospital bed; I couldn’t control my body to move; I could only stare in a daze; what a failure in this life! “I’ll pay you the surgery fee, so you can treat your illness with peace of mind.” A familiar voice suddenly wet my eyes; no, how can I drag my daughter! “No, Dad doesn’t need it. You keep your money and use it to live a good life in the future.” I struggled to express, “I’m not short of money. When you get better, I’ll call you Dad.” I was stunned. Now, tears flowed out involuntarily, that cry, Dad I have waited for many years.

The follow-up surgery and recovery seem to be very smooth because of this motivation. Occasionally, my daughter starts to chat with me and tell me about her current situation. My daughter works in a company called CG Group in the Philippines, and she occasionally gives me Check out some photos and videos,

Looking at the bright and spacious office of their company, as well as the soft and comfortable sofas and chairs, I even feel that my daughter is prosperous, but as a parent, I still worry about whether my child will live well in a foreign country. “It’s very good, the company provides accommodation in apartments, and the food is better than in the restaurant.” She seemed to see the confusion in my eyes and once again took out the photo to introduce myself to me, “This is our canteen, this is where I live. The place is all provided by the company, now you can believe it, and you don’t have to save me money, it’s no problem for me to pay your medical expenses with a monthly salary of more than 100,000.”

Still indifferent tone, but I can hear a trace of concern. Wait a minute; the monthly income is more than 100,000? I thought my daughter’s monthly income of 20,000 to 30,000 yuan was already a particularly high salary, but with a monthly income of 100,000 yuan, the treatment is still so good! A mixture of joy and shock at my daughter’s concern, my daughter! Really so good!

On the day I was discharged from the hospital, I was silently lost in my heart; my daughter was going back to the Philippines, “Dad, actually, I don’t hate you, I know you were silently following me to protect me when I was in school, I just blamed you, why did you come and hug me? Hug me, touch my head and say you miss me.” I was stunned; I always thought that my daughter didn’t know anything; I was speechless, “It’s okay, I’m doing well now, you don’t have to worry, I’ll do it again when you come back. Look at you. Dad, take care of your body.” I burst into tears, daughter, my good daughter.

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