Going to a foreign country may be only a matter of determination

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After taking the last pill in the bottle, I silently turned on the computer. It seems that only on the Internet can I feel that I exist.

Yes, I am a depressed patient. The leaders are endlessly squeezed, the colleagues are excluded, the huge medical expenses required by the family father’s illness, and the ex-girlfriend who has been with me for a few years but dislikes me and finally took the money and left, living and working. The pressure almost overwhelmed me, as if my early days would never come and my future was dark.

I am accustomed to recording every bit of my life on the Internet, expressing my depression and unhappiness in my heart, and I have made a group of like-minded friends on the Internet. We chatted about our frustrations together, and we comforted each other. We huddle together for warmth.

One day, one of our girls said that she wanted to leave. We thought she couldn’t bear to leave this world, but we tried to persuade her, but there was a girl’s chuckle: “Family, I’m not. I can’t think of it, but I have a neighbor brother who works very well in a company called CG Group in the Philippines, so I also want to give it a try.” We occasionally make voice calls, but it seems that we haven’t heard this for a long time. Hopeful laughter for the future, “Bless me, my family, come and find me when I’m done with my sister!” We replied softly, it’s fine; as long as it’s not that you can’t think about it, everything is fine.

Later, we also had deep and shallow connections. Occasionally, I heard our gossip and continued to complain about the company boss and colleagues, but she seemed to be different. She shares her life with us, and she is beautiful, like a little princess.

She would send us pictures of everyday life, a cozy-looking office area with coffee and desserts on the table, and she told us that her company, the CG Group, was well-paid, and it was not for their new employees. There is oppression and exclusion, and even excellent food and lodging are provided. “It’s empty talk!” We joked, looking at the pictures that appeared on the screen; I was stunned; this company, this environment, this accommodation, this cafeteria, it’s a bit too good!?

And she told us that when she goes there, she doesn’t have to worry about making a living, she doesn’t have to go to the crowded subway sooner or later, and she doesn’t have to eat a hard piece of bread in the early days, and she doesn’t have to think about buying new clothes or shoes because She is struggling with the price, and she does not have to live a low life with a tight salary. Her current life is brand new and full of hope. Also, a small employee who used to be paid a few thousand yuan has suddenly become a monthly income of hundreds of thousands of yuan.” Strong Woman,” how could her life not be a smooth one?

Looking at her like a happy little magpie, to be honest, my heart is pounding. Can I also get out of this annoying life and start a new chapter for me? After consulting her again about the company’s situation, I submitted my resignation letter to the original company, took out my few savings, and hired a senior nurse for my old father, “Father, my son is going out to earn money for you. With the money, I will definitely let you live a good life!”

Going to a foreign country may be just a matter of determination, but now, I am very grateful for the decision at that time. I followed in my friend’s footsteps and also came to the CG group. What she said was true; here, I really came into contact with the original picture Everything, my work and life are also booming, and my father, far away from home, has also received good treatment because of the money I have made.

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